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Accessible Safaris in Africa-Uganda, Uganda holidays for disabled travellers

We provide Uganda holidays for disabled travellers and disabled wheelchair-accessible holidays in Uganda for people with disabilities. Limited mobility, and handicap-accessible tours for groups and individuals.

Going on holiday to Africa can pose a unique challenge for people with physical disabilities, Msafiri tours Uganda extends a warm welcome to visitors with disabilities as individuals or in groups. Whether it’s a physical disability or a visual impairment, adventure in Africa-Uganda doesn’t have to be off-limits. Whatever your challenges and disabilities physically, we at Msafiri tours on our Africa-Uganda holidays for disabled travellers will take care of you with specially trained Ugandan tour guides.

Disabilities come in many forms and manifest in many different ways, so it’s difficult to encompass all aspects of a single condition when planning travel, particularly for invisible disabilities. Visual impairment and blindness, Hearing impairment and deafness, speech and language disabilities, Mental health or psychiatric diagnoses and conditions and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Africa Trips for the Physically Challenged people:

Uganda and East Africa as a whole are one of the most diverse and enchanting places in the world which everyone deserves to enjoy. Exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history, wildlife and culture offer the mobility-impaired and able-bodied travellers a unique and inspiring experience.

We have a range of options to choose from where you can join others with the same or similar needs or arrange a custom, private Uganda safari for you and your family/friends. We provide personalised itineraries and private tours in Uganda where one or more person has a physical or learning disability, is a slow walker or simply may need that bit of extra support along the way.

Disabled wheelchair accessible holidays in Uganda – Uganda holidays for disabled travellers 

A trip to Africa or an African safari has a high priority in many people’s lives on “to-do” lists, but safaris are consistently portrayed as being for able-bodied outdoor enthusiasts.

We provide Uganda safaris and other adventure activities for disabled people. We know that the decision to go on a Uganda safari is significantly easier than trying to sort through all the information available and planning your itinerary. If you are a special needs traveller or a family member or friend of a special needs traveller, there are a number of things to consider and that is why Msafiri tours come in.

Why chose us for Disabled Tours| Uganda-Wheelchair Accessible Holidays:

We have detailed local knowledge of Uganda and a great team on the ground who are essential ingredients for ensuring a trouble-free tour. Let us take away the logistical pressure and allow you to have the Africa tour of a lifetime.

We know that every disabled traveller has different requirements, so our tailor-made approach means we can create a truly unforgettable African experience just for you. We know which hotels and lodges have accessible facilities, which attractions can be explored with minimal stress and which airlines provide the best accessible services. Not all our destinations offer disabled wheelchair-accessible safari or tours, but let us know where you would like to travel in Uganda and we will advise you on the best options. We will also give you honest feedback on destinations we believe are unsuitable.

As disabled wheelchair-accessible safari accommodation and vehicles in Uganda are usually in short supply, it is advisable to book your trip with Msafiri tours well in advance.

We may know Your Needs

Our disabled-accessible safaris, holidays & tours to Uganda are still developing, and we are still opening up new routes according to customer demand. At this stage, outside the major cities, most holidays are only suitable for manual wheelchairs, although there are a few exceptions for power chairs.

We know that not all disabled or special needs travellers have the same needs, and it is important to be mindful of your unique situation on a Uganda safari holiday, travel, and accommodation.

Travellers with limited mobility will not have the same requirements as people who are visually or hearing impaired. We at Msafiri tours offer a variety of trips to multiple locations and of varying duration for people with a variety of special needs, and your Uganda trip can be tailor-made for you, even down to a private departure.

We will always be at hand to help

If you have upper body strength and can transfer into the front seat of a tour vehicle, you can enjoy thrilling wheelchair-accessible safaris. If you use a manual wheelchair and don’t mind being lifted, you can also see a more relaxed side of Uganda.

  • For travellers with limited mobility and similar disabilities, whether you require the use of a cane, walker, manual wheelchair, or are permanently confined to a power chair.
  • We will ensure that you are accommodated every step of the way even with the limited available facilities.
  • We may even offer a personal caretaker for those travellers that have more specific medical needs, and may be able to even provide power wheelchairs and commodes should the need arise.
  • For those travellers with extremely limited mobility, it is important to assess your needs concerning hygiene and sitting/sleeping when you contact us to see if you would manage a tour with limited special facilities.

Everything we do is tailor-made; our tour itineraries are just suggestions to give you an idea of what is possible. Please contact us so we can tailor the perfect Uganda tour exclusively for you.

Wheelchair-Friendly Holidays & Safaris Description

We will attempt to interpret the experience in the most accurate way possible by using descriptive, detailed explanations to paint a picture of the traveller’s surroundings, especially when it comes to wildlife sightings.

There may be opportunities on safari or tour to exit the vehicle, and in places where it is safe to do so, travellers can exit and touch and smell things to enhance their experience. Some of our visually impaired travellers seem to get a more holistic experience than those travellers who rely solely on vision.

Accessible Africa Safaris for Hearing Disabilities & Visual Impairment

No matter the degree of your visual or hearing disability, a Uganda tour or safari is possible under the care of our carefully planned itineraries and experienced guides.

Accessible Africa Safaris -Hearing-impaired clients:

Safaris for visually and hearing-impaired clients are designed in order to create an informative all-around experience very much different to your mainstream safari.  We have aspired to interpret the African wildlife experience, for those with visual and hearing impairments, in a unique way. We use descriptive, explanation techniques, to paint visual pictures, enhancing any wildlife sighting experience. Where it is safe to do so, we exit the vehicle, to touch, smell and/or feel, anything of interest. Combined, these senses will provide a far superior experience for an individual, who is only relying purely on vision or hearing.

For many people, disabled or otherwise, having some sort of in-country assistance is absolutely essential, whether you are travelling alone or your disability necessitates travelling with friends or family members.

Accessible Africa Safaris – Listening with eyes closed:

On our traditional Ugandan safaris, we often stop, to listen, with our eyes closed – this enlightens a new world to those with sight, showing how much those with sight depend on it.  The sound of Africa at night, is one of the most thrilling experiences for those with heightened listening skills, due to lack of vision, and for those with vision – Africa at night is full of new and interesting sounds.  We work in detail to ensure you satisfy all your concerns during the design process.  For those with hearing loss; it is touch, feel, smell and visual stimuli of all that move our focus. 

We are aware of your needs and work hard to ensure your concerns are addressed and addressed to your satisfaction.

Accessible Africa Safaris – Language Translation:

 We are here to help with arrangements and other bureaucratic issues and in some of our destinations where English or your primary language is not widely spoken, our local Msafiri tour guides will serve as translators.

Let us know what you require as part of your enquiry so we know what to include when we begin planning your holiday adventure

Our Advice

Talk to us about your Uganda travel plans and we will advise on whether the destinations or attractions can accommodate disabled people.

We also work closely with Uganda hotels that have facilities for disabled travellers and we find ways to adapt our vehicles.

Your personal needs are kept confidential. We look forward to working with you and making your Uganda- East Africa tour a safe, comfortable, and memorable one.