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Our unique Uganda experiential tours and sustainable Uganda tours give you chance to immerse yourself into Ugandan culture, connect with locals and positively contribute to their growth. Sustainable and community-based tourism is at the heart of Msafiri tours. We believe travelling is one of the best ways to enhance personal growth and positively impact places.

Travel with a purpose: We know the importance of making your travels count for something, which is why we seek to make a difference on all our Uganda trips. Whether it’s taking care of the environment or supporting local Ugandan communities, our Small Change initiative is our way of taking care of the world.

Unbeatable value: We strongly believe we’ve created the best value Uganda tour products in the market, and challenge anyone to find a trip with our quality of accommodation, transport, meals and number of included activities for a better price. We don’t charge local payments, so you can rest assured that all our amazing experiences are included in the price. You’ll just need extra spending money for a few meals and drinks, but other than that everything (and we mean everything) is covered.

Whether it’s solo vacations, family holidays, student trips, Safaris , halal holidays, volunteering group toursaccessible safaris, elective placements, cultural experiences, mission trips, etc. we make it effortless for you to have a Ugandan adventure of a lifetime.  With 24/7 in-country support you can book and travel in confidence, knowing we are there every step of the way.

Travel like a local

We believe that Uganda experiential tours are the best way to experience Uganda by engaging with local communities.

As you can probably imagine there’s going to be plenty of time for sunsets and stunning environments. But what will stay with you beyond your instagram feed or the Ugandan tan is the real African cultural immersion, learning, and living life through a local Ugandan’s lens Msafiri tours Tours will provide. 

Taking you off the beaten path and into the homes and communities of local Ugandan people, all of our Uganda trips have a focus on exploring and understanding different cultures, traditions and ways of living.

We are are always looking to build responsible tours in areas where only locals know. we go off-the beaten track to venture into incredible Uganda locations that very few tourists will have seen before. 

Inclusive travel experiences


Dreaming of visiting the most iconic and breath-taking destinations in Uganda? Prefer not to explore solo? You’re not alone. Loads of people are in the exact same boat. They want

Wheel chair

Accessible Holidays in Africa-Uganda for people with disabilities We provide Uganda holidays for disabled travellers, disabled wheelchair-accessible holidays in Uganda in 

Are you searching for a memorable Halal-friendly experience in Uganda- East Africa Here at Msafiri tours, we provide Halal Islamic holidays to Uganda, Kenya, and

Get around, go deeper

selective focus photo of black ape

Imagine staring eye to eye with a mountain gorilla as she nurtures and grooms the babies. Imagine looking up towards the tree canopies above you and seeing the flash of a cheeky 


Wellness breaks in Uganda- holidays for health and happiness in Uganda We arrange wellness holidays or vocations in Uganda which bring about an improvement in


Come on a Msafiri tours Uganda medicinal plant safari tour and experience the re-connective healing power of medicinal plants and nature on our Uganda medicinal plant

the ultimate itineraries

Daytrips / Excursions

Whether you’re short of time and looking for a mini-break in Uganda with a difference, or want to unwind on a beach after a big backpacking adventure, these short Uganda itineraries offer the same local, authentic…

Safari Experiences

Admire the beautiful diversity of the Ugandan jungle – dense forests, fresh streams, green hills, bamboo thickets, and flower-filled valleys. Experience first-hand the beautiful Uganda jungle with its towering, tropical…

Adventure activities

For visitors to Uganda who wish to do more than sightseeing or lazing around a pool, our Jinja City Tour offers many varieties of activities for a stimulating holiday to experience adventure in Uganda. Jinja has…

Safaris & Tours Uganda

We offer community based holidays Uganda Africa, Cultural Holidays, Cultural Trips, Cultural Tours that include the  opportunity to spot wildlife. Our available Safaris include wild life safaris, trekking to see gorillas and chimps in Uganda, and seeing the majestic Lions and Elephants in Uganda’s national parks.  Browse our selection of affordable Safari and tour options for groups and individuals.

Excursions & Day tours Uganda

Our Uganda Safaris are well organised to take you take part in different Uganda Tourist Activities including wildlife game drives, Bwindi Gorilla Trekking, Birding, Cultural Experiences and more.

UgandaN Cultural Tours

Uganda Culture Experiences offeroutstanding natural beauty, tranquil weather and amazing wildlife; the country has a strong Cultural heritage, Traditions, Customs, food, music and art.

Medical Student Elective Placements

We have opportunities for supervised Uganda medical elective internship placements and student placements in Uganda for 2019/2020 for professional and trainee medical students.

Student Tours

We offer exciting, affordable, student tours, school trips, and challenging student expeditions with wildlife and Gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda for 2019/2020 for both local and International Schools.

Volunteering options

We organise and run the best Volunteers Tours to Africa especially to Uganda. Contact us today to book volunteer tours and be sure to have memorable safaris to Uganda doing volunteer work.

Be inspired


Make a difference

We believe that responsible travel has the ability to change Africa for the better. It can benefit local communities, inspire cultural exchange, and raise awareness for social, ethical and environmental issues. 

Even if you only with to have a Uganda cultural explorations, you will spend a few hours or days visiting one of the most natural destinations, so you will leave Uganda with  a complete perspective of the country and Africa.

Support: From the moment you connect with us, we will answer all your questions and design a Ugandan itinerary just the way you want it.  Once you are in Uganda, we will give you all the support and the flexibility to make minor changes where possible.  As our Uganda tours are tailor-made, you will go at your own pace. 

Make a difference


Are you school teacher or student group leader? Are you looking for safe, affordable, and life changing high school or Uganda Student tours and trips for your students? Schools are one of the biggest influencers amongst our young people today and are key to supporting and encouraging young people to become engaged and active within their School and wider community in Africa.

Medical Electives

At Msafiri tours, we offer a variety of healthcare and Uganda medical elective placements. Do you want to support a local clinical team in a rural community or teach nutrition education to help improve the health of children in Uganda? Or perhaps, work in a lab to help combat malaria and other infectious African diseases?We have collected a lot of medical information. Check out the links below.

Youth Groups

Are you considering taking a group of youth to Uganda- East Africa, Scouts & Guides expeditions, Church youth group, Youth club, but are unsure of exactly what is involved in organising Uganda-East Africa tours for youth groups? We can help you create your perfect Uganda-East Africa tours for youth groups full of activity action, camaraderie and community involvement.

Mission Trips

We create 2-week mission trips to Uganda for youth and adults. Experience the transformation that happens when you serve communities in Africa and put your faith in action! Planning a Christian mission trip to Uganda or Kenya is very easy! Groups of any size can be safely accommodated, even up to 50 people, normally resulting in a life-transforming experience.

Community Volunteering

Experience Volunteering in Uganda and become part of our ongoing efforts to support the sustainable development of local communities through tourism. In Uganda, you’ll discover a wide range of volunteer opportunities to suit all preferences. Whether you’d prefer the vibrant city atmosphere, or you value the peaceful tranquillity of life in rural Uganda, there’s something …

Cultural Explorations​

What is it like to live in a village in Africa?

Our Uganda cultural immersion programs go beyond the typical tours. We offer unique Uganda itineraries with hands-on experiences to bring each Ugandan culture to life! While sightseeing and safaris are important and a great introduction to any country, simply seeing ….

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Accommodation on our tours consists of hand-picked hotels, guest houses, and national park camps. Most properties are of a 3 or 4-Star standard, except for national park camps that offer basic but comfortable en-suite accommodation.


The vehicles used on our Uganda tours range from regular 4x4s and minibuses, all comfortable, air-conditioned, and serviced regularly. The type of vehicle will typically depend on the size of your group and the terrain covered.


Our qualified guides have enjoyed expert training and have many years of experience. They are passionate about Uganda and sharing it with the rest of the world. Most guests depart feeling like they've made lifelong friends.