Responsible Travel Pledge

Uganda Responsible Travel Pledge


We understand that travel can have a big impact on the environment and the communities we visit. So, we want to ensure we’re responsible when we explore Uganda.

That’s why our team and guests are dedicated to being mindful of the local environment and economies. By being aware of our impact, we hope to help make travel sustainable and beneficial for everyone in the long run. By taking these actions, we can make a positive difference!

Our Uganda Responsible Travel Pledge seeks to do three things: 

1) Protect the environment and restore Uganda’s ecosystems;

2) Allow businesses and local economies to operate profitably now and in the future;

3) Support social improvement and protect cultural identity.

It is very easy to become a responsible tourist and we all can do it.

How to Offset the Uganda Carbon Footprint

We, at Msafiri Tours, are dedicated to offsetting the environmental impact of our clients’ travel by planting trees.

Everyone can contribute by planting a tree. We only choose native or fruit trees for planting. If you are planning a trip to Uganda and wish to offset your flights, you can do so by partnering with us. CLICK HERE TO PLANT A TREE 


With our little daily decisions, we can contribute to preserving the environment and the well-being of future generations.

The following tips will help you start a firm commitment to the environment and to help Uganda’s sustainable travel :

  • Use only the necessary water and don’t pollute it. Water is life and we all depend on it.
  • Try to generate as less garbage as possible, reuse everything that you can and recycle as much as possible
  • Take care of the plants; they give us oxygen, shadow, food, medicines and a lot of benefits.
  • Take care of the animals; remember that wild species are not pets.
  • Protect the natural areas, especially the virgin zones; don’t pollute and don’t kill animals.
  • Preserve the soils; avoid the use of insecticides, toxic waste and polluting oils.
  • Plant a tree. Avoid the use of products that damages the environment and give priority to organic products. Recycling, avoiding polluting and don’t use sprays are a few things that we should do to preserve the environment.

Our top Uganda responsible traveller tips

  • Don’t throw garbage in the streets, roads, rivers, beaches and other places. Always identify the correct places to deposit the garbage or other residues.
  • Try to save water and energy. Follow the conservation policies of the hotels and other service providers.
  • Enjoy the natural and cultural wonders. Don’t damage or mark them so that others can appreciate them.
  • Only take pictures, don’t take plants or animals as a souvenir.
  • If you can, try to learn some words of the local language and about the culture and traditions of the destinations you visit.
  • Don’t buy products related to endangered species, like rhino horns, elephant tusks, animal furs or bird feathers. If you see or notice anyone selling this kind of product report it to the authorities.
  • Follow the trails and signed roads and always listen to the directions of the guides and park rangers.
  • If you find a wild animal during a journey, don’t bother it, the surest thing is that it will run away. Don’t try to feed it either.
  • The sexual exploitation of children and the use of prohibited substances is a crime.
  • Buy and use products and services offered by rural or indigenous communities. You will help to preserve the natural areas and contribute to improving the life quality of its inhabitants.

I make a commitment to:...
"Travel Better" by making a genuine effort to: REDUCE the impact of my travels. PRESERVE the natural areas I explore. SUPPORT the local people and communities in Uganda that I visit. Warm regards,.
Yours sincerely,