Uganda's Yellow fever requirements

Our guide to Yellow fever vaccination requirements for Uganda

Here are some Yellow fever vaccination requirements for Uganda. Yellow fever immunization  requirements for Uganda. It’s important to note that the government  requires all inbound travellers to have a valid Uganda yellow fever vaccination certificate.  

To enter Uganda, travellers are required to have a valid Yellow fever certificate for Uganda travel. This certificate should be obtained at least 10 days before traveling and is valid for 10 years. Additionally, it is advisable to take extra precautions, such as using insect repellent, wearing long sleeves and pants, and staying in accommodations with screened windows and air conditioning. 

Please note … we’re not medical experts, we only share these Yellow fever vaccination requirements for Uganda as guidelines, so always consult your travel clinic, GP or Doctor for the last word on Uganda Yellow fever requirements, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, may be pregnant, or are allergic to eggs. 

Yellow fever vaccination requirements for Uganda.

Uganda’s law has a yellow fever vaccination as an entry requirement. It’s similar to a tourist visa — you just have to have it in order to pass through immigration at Entebbe airport. Because in the past the disease was endemic and it’s just an effective means to stop it from spreading beyond their borders.

If in doubt, it’s a good idea to check with us, the Uganda embassy in your country, and the CDC for the latest news.
When you get the vaccine, your travel doctor will give you a little yellow booklet which is stamped and dated — and there’s the proof you need to have with you when you enter the country.

Yellow fever vaccination guidelines for Uganda to enter Uganda from any country:

In most cases, our clients are on safari in countries that don’t require a yellow fever vaccination upon entry, unless they have originated from a country where the disease happens to be endemic. Given that a safari is often the first time you might be visiting Africa, it may not always be obvious when you are crossing borders during your trip.  For example, if you are gorilla tracking in Rwanda or Uganda and combining this with a safari in Kenya or Tanzania, you will need to get the yellow fever vaccine. If you are transiting through Uganda and your stop requires you to change planes, you may want to consider getting the vaccine just to be on the safe side just in case you experience a delay and have to overnight.

Do They Really check if you’re vaccinated at Entebbe Airport/Borders?

In some cases clients have stood in line at immigration, proudly showing off their little yellow vaccination booklet without it ever being glanced at. Don’t be disappointed if this happens, it is still worth getting the shot. Otherwise, you could be facing what’s described below ….

What happens if I Don’t Get the Yellow Fever Vaccine and It’s Required?

If you did not get the yellow fever vaccine or forgot your little yellow book with the proof, you’re likely to face a couple of scenarios. If you’re “lucky” there may be a person in a white coat offering to give you a shot on the spot at Entebbe airport, for a fee payable in US Dollars. It’s a chance you would have to take and we don’t recommend it! As the vaccine takes at least 10 days to begin to be effective and for a person to build up immunity to the disease, it is also a waste. If there is no Doctor on call at the airport, then you will be sent back home on the next available flight. Also, a shame.

Better Safe than Sorry-Uganda travel requirements for yellow fever

while no one wants to pay extra and get a shot that may not be necessary, we would always If you are worried about the possible side-effects of the vaccine, discuss this with your doctor and make an informed decision. But …
1. If you are travelling between two or more African countries and Uganda is one of them, then it’s best to get vaccinated. You never know when there may be a yellow fever outbreak and the entry requirements are non-negotiable in Uganda.
2. If you are making a stopover at Entebbe en route, or travelling on an African airline. You never know if there may be a delay requiring an extra overnight for example, or a re-route, and suddenly you could be perceived as originating in a country that has yellow fever.

What if the Shot is required and I can’t get it For Medical Reasons?

If you are allergic to eggs, are under 9 months old, or have certain pre-existing  conditions, it may not be safe for you to get the yellow fever vaccine. But you will need a medical waiver stating that and should visit your travel clinic to get one.

See more information on the CDC website.

Please note:

Plan on getting the vaccine as early as possible once you have your safari in place, as there may be shortages. The yellow fever vaccination is valid and effective for 10 years, so you may just have to make repeated trips to Uganda to make it worth your while!

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