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The safari guides at Msafiri Tours are selected for their excellent skills and  exceptional customer service. These local guides in Uganda possess remarkable expertise in tracking and an unparalleled understanding of the landscape, habitats, and local flora and fauna. Meet our team of tour guides in Uganda,  all the guides are accredited by UTB (Uganda Tourist Board) and have adhered to the Uganda Professional Safari Guides code of conduct.

At MSAFiri Tours and Travel, we take pride in our commitment to providing the highest quality service to our guests. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or  concerns you may have. Whether you’re looking for information on the best places to visit, need help with booking accommodations, or want advice on planning your itinerary, our team is here to help. Simply reach out to us at contact@msafiritoursandtravel.com, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Meet our Uganda tours team – local tour guides

One of the highlights of our Uganda tours is the exceptional quality of our tour guides. We are passionate about providing our guests with the opportunity to learn about Uganda’s rich history, diverse culture, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking natural environment. That’s why we carefully select guides who have an in-depth understanding of Uganda and its treasures. Our guides possess excellent people skills, patience, and are physically fit and active to ensure that they can lead you through every adventure with ease. If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of our exceptional team, we invite you to reach out to us today and tell us why you would be a valuable addition to our Uganda tours team.

Tourism experts in Uganda – our team of guides!

So, whether you’re planning a wildlife adventure, a cultural immersion, or a journey through Uganda’s breathtaking landscapes, our Uganda tours team is ready to make it a reality. Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect Uganda tour that exceeds your expectations.

Get to know the Uganda tours team


Denis Kigongo Victor

Founder, Tour leader

Hi there! I’m Denis Kigongo Victor, the founder of Msafiri Tours. Our goal at Msafiri Tours is to assist individuals and groups like yourself in creating lasting connections and unforgettable memories while exploring Uganda.

I have a deep passion for travel and believe that it brings people closer together. Whether you’re interested in immersing yourself in the vibrant culture, encountering a wide variety of wildlife, or marvelling at the breath-taking scenery, my team and I are here to ensure that you have an unforgettable adventure.

Let’s work together to create memories that will endure a lifetime!

Msafiri Tours Uganda

Agnes Nanteza

Reservations Officer

Hi! I’m Agnes, your Reservations Officer. I come from Uganda, where I was born and raised. I have extensive knowledge about the country, its wildlife, and its culture. I have a deep passion for nature, adventure, and the wonderful people of Uganda and East Africa. I am an extroverted, talkative, and kind individual, and I would be absolutely thrilled to assist you in planning an incredible adventure. At Msafiri, our goal is to ensure that you have the most exceptional experience possible. Whether you’re interested in safaris or volunteering opportunities, we are dedicated to making it all come together. Thank you for your support! We can’t wait to welcome you soon.


Remmy Kity

Tour Guide

I am a safari driver and guide working for the amazing Msafiri Uganda Tours. My greatest joy is helping others connect with the incredible wonders of the jungle. It is a true honor to have the opportunity to share this magnificent part of the world with others.

Following my graduation from Nkumba University with a degree in industrial design, my path led me to Msafiri Tours. Throughout my time here, I have acquired invaluable skills and extensive knowledge and experience that empower me to lead truly breathtaking safaris and tours.

Within the Msafiri Tours team, we are like a family. Each individual I have the privilege of working with holds a special place in my heart, and every moment spent with the animals in the field becomes etched in my memory.


Geoffrey Kirunda

Tour Guide

Hey there! I go by the name of Geoffrey, and I work as a driver/guide in Uganda. One thing I genuinely enjoy is pointing out all the fascinating sights throughout our journey. Whether it’s the beautiful birds hidden in the bushes or the playful chameleons crossing the roads, I guarantee you won’t miss a thing. With a bit of luck and the assistance of binoculars, we might even spot some majestic lions in the distance! I have a treasure trove of awe-inspiring stories from my adventures that I would be thrilled to share with you. Trust me when I say that I will take you to parts of Uganda that the majority of people never get to experience. At Msafiri Uganda Tours, my expertise is highly valued, and I am always delighted to be a welcoming and approachable guide for all our customers.

Judith Mirembe

Tour Guide

Judith, an enthusiastic safari guide and researcher, possesses a profound love for birds and is dedicated to conserving and safeguarding their habitats. Her fascination with birds stems from her childhood, where she acquired knowledge about them in her local language and developed an appreciation for the cultural narratives associated with them. With great pride, she serves as the Chairperson of the Uganda Women Birders’ Club, which was established in 2013 to foster the inclusion of women in the realm of nature guiding—a profession primarily dominated by men in  Africa. Since 2016, Judith has garnered extensive  expertise as a Safari guide and holds a distinguished position within the Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA).

Nerima Milly Jackline

Tour Guide

My Name is Nerima Milly Jackline. My training is in catering and hotel management, which allows me to interact with various foreigners and tourists. Currently, I work as a tour guide at Msafiri tours and travel. I am truly passionate about my job because it gives me the opportunity to explore Uganda’s incredible wildlife, captivating scenery, breathtaking sites, and thrilling adventures. Being able to share this beauty with others fills my heart with joy.

I have a deep appreciation for nature and those who actively preserve it. I am driven by ambition and maintain a high level of organization. Excellent communication skills and a natural ability to connect with people are qualities that define me. 

I have diverse interests and hobbies, including traveling, engaging in community activities, participating in sports, indulging in art, and finding solace in music.