14 Day Uganda Birding Safari

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Embarking on a 14-day Uganda birding tour is an extraordinary experience for bird enthusiasts. With its diverse range of habitats, Uganda is home to over 1,000 bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatching. From colourful kingfishers to majestic eagles, Uganda offers a remarkable opportunity to spot rare and endemic bird species.

14 Days Uganda Birding Tour

Uganda is a haven for bird enthusiasts, boasting a diverse and rich avian population. With its varied landscapes, ranging from lush forests to vast savannahs, Uganda offers a plethora of birding opportunities. Embark on a 14-day birding tour in Uganda, and discover some of the rarest and most beautiful bird species in the world.

Day 1:
Your journey begins in Entebbe, where you will be greeted by the sights and sounds of this bustling city. After a warm welcome, you will head to your accommodation to rest and prepare for the adventure that lies ahead.

Day 2:
Start your birding expedition in Mabamba Wetland, located on the shores of Lake Victoria. This swamp is home to the iconic Shoebill, a magnificent bird with a distinctive bill shape. Capture breathtaking sightings of this elusive species along with other water-associated birds such as African Jacanas, Yellow-billed Ducks, and Malachite Kingfishers.

Day 3-4:
Travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park, a wildlife haven that offers a blend of savannah and wetland habitats. Explore the renowned Kazinga Channel, where you can spot diverse bird species including African Fish Eagles, Greater Flamingos, and African Skimmers. Take a boat ride and immerse yourself in the beauty of this birding paradise.

Day 5-6:
Continue your journey to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient rainforest is home to a remarkable diversity of bird species, including the rare African Green Broadbill, Yellow-eyed Black Flycatcher, and the stunning African Emerald Cuckoo. Enjoy guided walks through the forest, absorbing the sights and sounds of these enchanting creatures.

Day 7-8:
Head to Lake Mburo National Park, known for its acacia woodlands, open savannahs, and five lakes. Here, you can spot the unique African Finfoot, African Wattled Plovers, and White-winged Warblers. Take a game drive and be prepared for incredible birding opportunities at every turn.

Day 9-10:
Venture to Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest protected area. Experience the awe-inspiring sight of the mighty Nile River plunging through a narrow gorge, creating the magnificent Murchison Falls. Explore the park’s diverse habitats, from riverbanks to woodland areas, and encounter bird species like the Shoebill, African Skimmer, and Goliath Heron.

Day 11-12:
Make your way to Kibale National Park, renowned for its primate population. While primates steal the spotlight, this park is also a haven for bird lovers. Observe the colourful African Pitta, the White-naped Pigeon, and the Great Blue Turaco as you explore the lush forests and swampy areas.

Day 13-14:
Conclude your birding adventure with a visit to Semuliki National Park. Known for its lowland tropical rainforests, Semuliki offers a unique birding experience. Spot rare species such as the Nkulengu Rail, Congo Serpent Eagle, and the elusive Lyre-tailed Honeyguide. Take in the natural beauty of the park as you bid farewell to the magnificent birdlife of Uganda.

As your 14 Days Uganda Birding Safari comes to an end, you will leave Uganda with unforgettable memories and a newfound appreciation for the diverse avian wonders that call this country home. Take with you the knowledge gained from expert guides and the joy of experiencing the enchanting beauty of Uganda’s birdlife.