Why Choose Us

                                    Why choose Msafiri Tours?

                       Choose Msafiri Tours for your Uganda Tour

Msafiri Tours, located in Kampala on Ggaba Road, next to Nsambya Babies home, has been serving clients for a significant period. We specialize in crafting personalized Uganda experiential safari and tour arrangements. Our focus is on providing a more individual safari program, catering to clients who prefer to avoid mass-market tourism.

What makes us different:

Msafiri Tours offers an opportunity to explore Uganda in a way that you won’t find anywhere else. Our trips are designed to give you a unique perspective on the culture, history, and people of the country. We specialize in immersing you in the local lifestyle – staying in local accommodations, eating local cuisine, having local guides, and participating in local activities. 

Here at Msafiri Tours, we are proud to have a loyal customer base who come back to us year after year for assistance and guidance with their Uganda tours and safari plans. We have summarized a few reasons why they choose us, and why you should reach out to us when you are ready to plan your next Uganda trip.

1. Local Presence in East Africa:

With our Head Office located in Kampala, Uganda, we have a strong presence in East Africa and will take care of you from the moment we meet you at the airport until you return home. We offer a seamless service for all your East Africa accommodation and transport needs—all you need to do is arrange your International flights.

Our Travel Advisors are either locals or people who have personally travelled around Uganda. They love to help others enjoy amazing travel experiences. Whether you prefer phone, email or online chat, they are available to answer all your questions. Check out our website for extensive Uganda travel advice, covering everything from health and safety to visa requirements. Before you go, our Msafiri travel advisors will also give you valuable advice on a variety of important topics.

2. Helpful Safari Advisers Worldwide:

In addition to our team in Uganda, we have expert Safari advisors in our Msafiri Tours offices in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia who are excited to assist you in planning and booking your Uganda safari.

At Msafiri Tours, we understand that everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect Africa trip. That’s why we offer a wide selection of Uganda trips that cater to every taste, including wellness, adventure, wildlife, volunteering, short gaps, group tours, and cultural experiences.

3. Competitive Prices & Special Offers:

As a Uganda-based tour and safari company, we can offer very competitive rates to our customers, allowing us to pass on cost advantages to you. Additionally, we provide discounts and special offers, giving you even more value when booking with us

We offer low prices and flexible payment plans, making it easy for you to book with us. With most programmes, you’ll only need to pay a £200 deposit, and then you have two payment options: pay the balance 12 weeks before you travel, or in equal monthly instalments with the final payment one month before you go. Some programmes require a larger deposit, and you can find more information on our website.

4. Licensed and Secure:

Msafiri Tours is a licensed tour and safari operator approved by the Uganda government and registered with the Uganda Tourist Board, which ensures that we meet their rigorous standards. You can book and pay for your safari securely using your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) through our online payment process. This provides you with financial security as your payment is protected by your credit card company.

5. Reliability & Integrity:

Msafiri Tours has been operating safaris for many years and has earned a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness among our clients and travel trade partners. We consistently receive positive feedback, high ratings, and excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, which reflects our commitment to providing top-notch service. Click here for more information about our TripAdvisor reviews, where you can see our impressive rankings.

6. We can take care of everything, from flights to travel insurance.

Our partner flight team can get you great deals on plane tickets. Additionally, insurance is essential for any Uganda adventure and must cover overseas medical, evacuation, baggage, and a range of activities. Emergency assistance is available 24/7, and you can buy cover, extend, and claim online at any time.

7. Our team in Uganda is here to help you at all times.

If you encounter any problems on your trip to Uganda, our 24/7 emergency helpline will connect you to one of our team members who will assist you in any way possible. You’ll always speak to a person, not an answering service or machine.

8. Our price guarantee ensures that you won’t find better prices for Uganda trips anywhere else. In the rare case that you do, we’ll match it.* And once you’ve confirmed your start date and paid the trip fee in full, we guarantee that your price won’t increase. So, it’s wise to book your Uganda trip in advance to get the best deal!

9. We pride ourselves on being fair-minded.

Our Fair Travel policy guarantees that we treat our customers and overseas staff with fairness. This in turn ensures that our staff can provide you with excellent service, making your trip a memorable one!

 10. We value sustainability. As a company, we believe in sustainability and the importance of supporting local communities. We want to make a difference in Uganda, and we invite you to join us in our mission.

Through our work, we strive to create a sustainable future for our country and its people. By joining us, you can help make a difference in the lives of many and contribute to the betterment of Uganda. Together, we can create a brighter future for our country.