Buy a Tour, to Gift a Tour

Send a group of children on an adventure in Uganda through our Buy a Tour, gift a Tour program.

Can you Buy a Uganda Tour, to Gift a Tour? Here’s how it works.

Travel is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give. For us at Msafiri tours, we want travel to be more than just what you see – it’s also about who you can help along the way. Whether that’s sharing tourism pounds with Uganda, sending a group of children on an adventure through our Buy a Trip, Give a Trip program, or directly lending a hand to support local Ugandan communities and conservation.

As one of the first green travel companies in Uganda, Msafiri tours is always adopting innovative new ideas to promote social responsibility in the Uganda travel industry.

Every trip organized through Msafiri tours allows a group of local Ugandan children to visit tourist sites in their own country. Visiting historical sites, seeing conservation projects, and getting up close with wildlife is an immeasurable experience for local Ugandan youth — many of who have never travelled out of their own villages.

You can enjoy your Uganda holiday, while knowing that you are sharing the spirit of travel and helping others to take their first adventure. You will help young people in Uganda visit the Zoo, the source of the River Nile, the Equator, Queen Elizabeth national park and allow children to see an elephant for the first time.

Help us share the joy of travel with young people in Uganda — by doing so, we change lives and preserve resources for generations to come.