Charity Challenges in Uganda

Join us in a charitable challenge in Uganda to raise money for non-profits and charities! Challenge yourself for a cause in Uganda

We arrange Uganda charity challenges and fundraising tours for active travellers.

Challenge yourself for a cause in Uganda. Our Charity Challenge is a great way for you to have fun, get fit, and raise money for a great cause all at the same time! We have a massive range of activities to push you to your limits, choose from cycling, trekking, running and climbing in Uganda.

We collaborate with businesses to actively engage their employees in Uganda charity challenges to foster stronger teamwork, demonstrate corporate responsibility, and support their charitable partnerships. We offer participants incredible experiences in Uganda. Our range of Uganda charity challenges activities includes treks, bike rides, mountain climbs, kayaking, water rafting, running and more. These adventures span across Uganda, encompassing various terrains such as rivers, jungles, rainforests, volcanoes, and lakes. The Uganda charity challenges range from one day to three weeks in duration and vary in difficulty from challenging to extreme, we are confident in our ability to fulfil your needs and ignite inspiration within your employees.

Group charity fundraiser trips to Uganda that are captivating.

If you’re part of a charity group looking to design a fun and meaningful travel experience in Africa, look no further! Here at Msafiri Tours, we specialize in arranging Uganda charity challenges for groups of any size and interests. From running, walking, cycling, mountain climbing, white water rafting, trekking and more, you can choose the best way to support your community.

With years of experience, our team has created custom Uganda adventure tours that have brought dozens of groups closer to their fundraising and lifestyle goals. We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help bring your charity trip to life!

Please note; As a group organizer of 10 or more people, travelling on the same Uganda tour with your group, you’ll get your personal spot on the trip for free (land tour cost only)! 

Get ready to explore Uganda, fundraise for your charity and push your physical and mental limits
Msafiri Tours is your one-stop centre for charity challenges and fundraising tours in Uganda. We have a wide variety of challenges to push your physical and emotional limits, from semi-deserts, rivers, mountains, forests and jungles in between, We have a massive range of challenges to push you to your limits! You can choose from a range of activities, destinations within Uganda, levels of difficulty and duration and we will make it happen for you.

Get ready to explore Uganda, fundraise for your charity and push your physical and mental limits

Feeling energised
Reduced stress levels
Sense of belonging and self-worth
Having a sense of purpose and meaning
Feeling happier
Increased exercise
Improved diet and weight loss
Pride in helping others
Improved lifestyle
Increased self-esteem
Better outlook on life

Our Uganda charity challenges offer a valuable opportunity to fulfil your company’s corporate social responsibility policy while nurturing your most valuable asset: your people.
CAMARADERIE – By working together to overcome the challenges that arise in Uganda, such as extreme climate, high altitude, and physical exertion, participants are pushed to their limits and gain valuable insights about themselves and their teammates. Through this shared experience, lasting friendships are often formed, as everyone works towards a common goal.
Our Uganda charity challenges provide an incredibly powerful opportunity to effectively communicate the execution of your company’s mission and values, both internally and externally.
REPUTATION – Return to your organization with renewed enthusiasm, and your employees will share their Uganda experiences with their colleagues. These passionate testimonials serve as an authentic and compelling way to enhance your reputation, fostering positive perceptions both within your company and in the wider community.

Set your fundraising goal

Your charity sets a minimum fundraising goal to reach. Often, the Uganda trip aims to fund a specific project or initiative to rally team members around.

Create an unforgettable Uganda charity challenge experience – tailored just for you and your group!

Msafiri Tours will customize your tour to target your specific audience, including corporate sponsors, volunteers, or donor groups. We will formulate your tour to maximize your fundraising outcomes.

Rally the Uganda charity competition crew

We require a minimum number of participants (ideally 12-40 people). If you reach the minimum numbers, we’ll include a member of your organization to attend free of charge.

Embark on an Adventure in Uganda and Achieve Greatness!

It’s time to take on the challenge! Let us take care of all the Uganda travel logistics and details; we’ll answer your questions and manage the trip from start to finish. Get ready for an adventure!

For whom are the Uganda Charity Challenges made?

  • Charity with a specific fundraising goal and an active travel-loving donor base.
  • Companies who want to increase visibility and vitality in their philanthropy and CSR.
  • Individuals who want to find an awesome team to join on a Charity Challenge.
Uganda charity challenges

Here’s how it works:

We strive to offer exceptional support throughout all stages of your charity fundraising expedition in Uganda. Our focus is on providing you with an unparalleled challenge experience, from the initial decision-making process to the booking and preparation stages, and finally, the actual challenge itself. We take care of all the administrative tasks, logistics, planning, and preparations to ensure that your time in Uganda is nothing short of amazing.

What do we do to help you arrange a Uganda charity challenge?


  • Free staff place with every 10 volunteers
  • Dedicated Uganda Trip Co-ordinators
  • Support your presentation and pre-departure meeting
  • Fundraising support and ideas
  • Access to trip information, travel advice, payments and planning
  • Bespoke volunteer adventure itinerary
  • Uganda Adventures t-shirt
  • Visa application support

When you travel

  • Return airport transfers in Uganda and daily transport
  • Orientation upon arrival
  • Dedicated in-Msafiri Tour guide
  • Single-sex, shared accommodation
  • Three meals per day
  • Pre-planned project work
  • 24-hour support in the event of an emergency
  • Cultural events and activities
  • Project development contribution
A group of tourists walk single file following a local guide on safari in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Uganda.
Our Extras

Take your event to the next level with our amazing extras! From wildlife safaris and Gorilla trekking to motorcycle outriders and rolling road closures – we have it all. Our Uganda charity challenges are a great way to give back to society, while also boosting your staff, group, School, and company reputation. Plus, our Uganda trips, tours, and safaris are offered year-round for individuals, families, small groups, or large groups. Our guides are the best around and will expertly tailor your safari to you and your group, making sure you get an unforgettable experience. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for the best event of your life! Click to see a sample Uganda trip itinerary

Raising Funds

Participating in Uganda will be a valuable experience that is worth the expenditure. However, with the program cost, airline tickets and other travelling expenses, it can quickly get very costly and perhaps something that you need help to cover.

A lot of volunteers have this problem, but fortunately, there are many ways to raise money for your journey.

Here are a few fundraising ideas:

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

As a volunteer in Uganda, you can get a unique and engaging experience that regular tourists and travellers can’t. By living, working, and dining in the community, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the culture. Consider reading the cultural etiquette guidelines for a more immersive experience.

Adventure and Excursions

Uganda is an engaging paradise for adventurers and sightseers alike. From adrenaline-pumping activities and nature exploration to jungle expeditions, mountain gorilla trekking, cultural and historical experiences, city discoveries, or leisurely pursuits, Uganda has it all – and we can arrange it all for you… Follow this link to find out more! available activities.