What Is the Daily Schedule on Uganda volunteering Projects?

If you are interested and ready to apply for your preferred project, are you wondering how volunteering Uganda daily life is like?

Are you still wondering what daily life would look like in volunteering programs in Uganda? Here are some major Uganda volunteering projects and a general glimpse into their daily schedule:

Will There Be Any Orientation Before The Project Starts?

Most of our volunteering partner projects run orientation in the beginning of the volunteer program. Some organizations will just give basic information on safety, dos and do not’s, project life, and work responsibilities. Meanwhile, some volunteer organizations will plan 2-3 days of orientation covering many sessions, such as language and training programs for effective volunteering. You can request for more information on the orientation details from the organization prior to departure from home.

Can I Change My Project If I Am Dissatisfied?

This really depends on the project that you have chosen to volunteer with. Most small and medium-sized volunteer projects in Uganda are flexible about changing projects for you since they often do not cater for too many volunteers and need to make less logistical adjustments. However, keep in mind that big organizations are usually very rigid in their rules. The project availability also affects your chances of changing into another program. Projects are often crowded with volunteers over the summer, making it difficult to find a placement but we at Msafiri tours will always be here to help.

How Many Hours Do I Work?

What daily life would look like in volunteering programs in uganda depends on the region, project, season, and nature of volunteer organization. Generally, volunteer Uganda volunteer projects daily life is very flexible. The volunteer organizations usually do not set any defined hours. As a general rule, you will be working 4-6 hours a day, 5 (in some countries 6 days) a week. These work hours are often divided to 2-3 hours before lunch and 2-3 hours after lunch. You will have free time in the evening for yourself in most Uganda volunteering programs

Will I Have Free Time? What Can I Do In The Free Time?

Msafiri tours daily volunteering life mostly allows for some free time, mostly after working hours and on weekends. You can do a lot of fun things in your free time, depending on the region, project, and location. Most volunteers in Uganda often opt to go to the town for coffee, internet access, and shopping. You can also go explore local areas, learn the local language, relax, listen to music, and make new friends in the local community. You can find travel tips and guidance online or by talking to our Msafiri tours coordinators.

Can I Work In More Than One Project?

Whether you can work in more than one project in Uganda also depends on the type of project and the distance you are working. For example, if you work in the community, you can work there in morning and go to school in the day time to teach.

But if you work in medical, or wildlife project, it is hard to combine projects so please talk with your provider if you want to merge two projects before you go.

Who Supervises Me If There Is Any Problem?

Most Msafiri tours projects and organizations work according to two different models. In the first model, we will prepare accommodation and hire staff (coordinators, cook, drivers, and field staff etc). These staffs are either Msafiri tours in-country support or field staff members. In the second model, many Msafir tours projects and organizations work through local volunteer organizations and we merely serve as a middleman. In such cases, the head of these local projects will be your Msafiri tours in-country coordinator.

As you get used to Msafiri tours volunteer daily life, you will realize that no one really supervises volunteers. During orientation, you will be given detailed explanation on your roles and responsibilities. From that point onwards, you will mostly be working independently with Msafiri tours guides close by. However, worry not! If you do not understand anything or need help, you will be supported by your coordinators or the local Msafir tours staff.

Will I Be Working With Other Volunteers?

This really depends on the size of the organization or project. In large volunteer organizations, you will be working with a lot of other volunteers. Meanwhile, in smaller organizations, you will mostly only work with a few other people. In summer, there are normally more volunteers in Uganda in some projects compared to other seasons.

What Will The Distance Be Between My Project And Accommodation?

The distance from your accommodation depends on the project, location of project, location of your accommodation, size of city, and level of traffic. It often ranges from a walking distance to a one-hour journey on van or boda boda- (motor bike). You should contact us and find out more information on this prior to your starting date. This information is essential as daily transportation may mean extra miscellaneous cost for you.

How Do I Commute? Who Arranges It?

Your mode of transportation to the project site depends on project, location of project, location of your accommodation, size of city, and the level of traffic. Most volunteers will be commuting by van from their accommodation to the project site. All this will be sorted by Msafir tours from your volunteering fees.

Can I Extend The Project If I Like?

This depends on the size of the volunteer organization or project in Uganda. It is possible to extend if you are volunteering with small or medium companies while big companies will not allow you to do so. The extension will also be subject to project availabilities.

Is There Any Dress Code?

Msafiri tours daily schedule usually does not involve any dress code. However, do keep in mind that you will be working in a non-western culture that may not be as open as that in your home country. They will have their own religion, faith, custom, and culture, which are mostly conservative. So, do dress modestly. As volunteers, you are also expected to be role models, especially if you are working with children. Hence, dressing moderately would be important. For cultural experience, you can even try wearing the local dresses!

Will Someone There For Me To Help While I Am On The Project?

Please refer the above answer to who will supervise me. But yes Msafrii tours will cover it all

What Can I Do On Weekends?

Please refer to the section on what can be done in free time. Again Msafiri tours will cover all this.

We hope that this section has explained volunteer abroad daily life clearly to you. Volunteering abroad is definitely a unique experience filled with exciting activities. What else are you waiting for? Give it a shot!