Group travel tips

Group travel tips for students, youth groups, volunteer teams, and medical elective groups visiting Uganda

Are you planning a group trip or vacation to Uganda with friends or family? No matter the group, there’s sure to be a mixture of personalities and interests. Make sure that your Uganda group tour provides great memories for everyone by implementing some of these Uganda group travel tips.

1. Coloured Duct Tape

Pick out a crazy colour or pattern of duct tape. Put a large strip across each suitcase that is travelling with your team. At the airport, they will be easy to spot and your team can help lift luggage off the carousel for one another.

2. Count Off!

It can help to assign each person a number so they can “count off” when you get ready to depart anywhere. Rather than having one leader count each person on the bus, simply have your loudest team member start with “one!” and the rest will follow. Clever variations on this have been to give each team member a couple of words or a phrase from a well-known song. The challenge is to sing the tune as seamlessly as possible as each person chimes in at the correct moment.

3. News Source

We’ll share photos and stories of what is happening to provide peace of mind for the family to keep them up to date. Share that link on social media before you take off so your loved ones can stay in the loop!

4. Travel Coordinator

Is there a really travel-savvy person on your team? Assign them to be the travel day coordinator! Maybe that’s organizing and keeping track of all the passport copies, luggage slips, and flight information. Then, you have a go-to person when it comes to any and all travel logistics!

5. Booking Transportation

When booking transportation for your team it’s important to think about each phase of your trip. Msafiri tours will deal with your logistics in Uganda but you need to sort your own pre-departure arrangements. How is your team getting to and from the airport? Are you driving to your location? Each phase of the trip will have transportation needs that must be planned and budgeted for – if you need help, talk with your PPM consultant.

6. Booking Flights

We at Msafiri tours have simplified the travel booking process for you. With our travel partnerships and resources, you will have access to all of the best travel solutions available. Our partners are committed to saving you money on airfare while providing around-the-clock service, access to deals not available to the public, and the best options for group travel needs in Uganda.

7. Ground Transportation

Each location will have different ground transportation needs in Uganda. A common thing people overlook when booking ground transportation is room for luggage and supplies. Rather than cramming everyone into a small space, creating a miserable experience, it’s best to inform us in good time so we plan for extra room for your group.

8. Passports (for international trips):

Everyone travelling to Uganda is required to have a passport and a round-trip airline ticket. Passport cards are not sufficient for international travel. Visit your country’s home affairs department for information on the requirements for obtaining a Passport.

Obtaining a passport is an investment in your future travel.

Immigration and Customs:

If you are travelling to Uganda as a group, the fastest way to get through immigration is for each member of the team to know the basic details of the trip. This includes:

How long they will be in the country?

What they will be doing (basic; volunteering)?

Where they will be staying (the name of the host company in Uganda-Msafiri tours, hotel and the town it’s in).

If you need any of these details, don’t hesitate to ask us as your trip date approaches.

Customs can either breeze by or you could be asked a few more questions. We recommend for leaders split up; have one take the lead and be the first out of the Entebbe airport (Msafiri tours staff will be waiting to greet them and get everyone organized) and the other to be the last one out. The leader in the back can be the go-to person for any questions customs agents may have for your team.