Domestic Flights

                                                      Uganda Flight Safaris

Depending on your travel route, Uganda flight Safaris may be the most convenient and sensible option. Travelling between some destinations can take up to 6 hours by ground, while a domestic flight can cut that travel time to 35 minutes – a major time saver, especially if you have only a short time in Uganda.

Most Ugandan internal flights are serving the national parks in the country. Therefore, it is an easy and convenient way to visit these tourist destinations. Most of the flights are 1-2 hours long, much quicker than if passengers were travelling in a car.

Any passengers with a connecting flight to an international destination would also find domestic flights perfect for their itinerary. Many airlines and Uganda Airlines have their base at Entebbe International Airport, making it simple for passengers who wish to travel to many long-haul destinations.

We will have a list of airlines available for you to choose from and will also show you the cheapest day to fly with our best fare finder.

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