Zip Line Adventures in Uganda

Adrenaline junkies, this Uganda zip line adventure is for you. Attach yourself to a wire, hold on tight and take the ultimate leap of faith! A breath-taking adrenaline ride of a lifetime, zip lining will leave your heart beating

If the idea of whizzing through the air, the ground rushing by beneath you, gives you a buzz, then ziplining trips in Mabira forest Uganda zip line adventure is for you. A thrilling day out in the Mabira forest on the zip wires is perfect for the whole family, visiting groups or individuals in Uganda

Join us for a memorable aerial adventure set in magnificent, mature woodland in Mbaira forest. This is a unique opportunity to engage in an exhilarating experience surrounded by natural beauty. The zip-line is located 44 km East of Kampala City, outside of Lugazi town at the Griffin

In Uganda, zip line adventure is the best adrenaline-fuelled introduction to the lush jungle canopies. You’ll make your way through this incredible ecosystem, spotting fluttering butterflies, colourful birds and chattering monkeys at their level.

Ziplining trips will see you soar high above the treetops, crossing a lush, green valley. High up in the canopy you are able to enjoy a view of the forest layers, mammals like grey-cheeked mangabeys and red-tailed monkeys, birds like palm nut vultures, African fish eagles, great blue turacos and the roaring gryphon falls, making your zip a memorable day!

Zipline adventure

Your journey will take you through trees such as the Muvule tree, Cordia millennia, malilia excelsa, warburgia. We have up to 20 different obstacles and seven zip lines, split between three courses for an aerial adventure to remember.

Experience beautiful surroundings and enjoy the views from the treetop. Suitable for adults and children. You can go all the way to the top or as high as you feel comfortable. Before you start the course, you will be fitted in a safety harness and receive a safety briefing from one of our experienced qualified instructors.

The flying course

The course is made up of a series of tree-fixed platforms linked by zip lines. It’s a magnificent way to hang out in the treetops come rain or shine!

Suitable for both adults and younger adventurers alike.