Why Msafiri Tours Uganda

Why Msafiri Tours is the best Student travel company in Uganda

Authenticity is ingrained in everything we do as a Uganda student travel agency. Eat, stay, and travel like a local Ugandan on student trips

We aim to transform students into travellers to Uganda, instead of tourists on our Uganda student travel!

Whether you are a teacher a parent, or perhaps even an educational tour operator, our responsibility is not to prepare life’s path for our young people. It is to prepare our young people for life’s path. Expanding global horizons, pushing boundaries and encouraging an adventurous life, are the perfect means to this end. We seek to create African Travel, adventure and Uganda expeditions which develop the whole person and are the vehicle through which we go about achieving this goal. 

Msafiri Tours Uganda’s student tour providers strive to create global citizens through immersive and authentic African travel experiences. We use a hands-on approach to discover what it means to live like a local Ugandan. Our Uganda student travel programs instil a love for travel, hunger for learning, and genuine curiosity about different cultures.

Local Experiences

Our mission is authentic African travel. We partner with local Ugandan experts to create enriching experiences that teach young people to be savvy travellers. Every Ugandan student program is designed to be hands-on—emphasizing doing and feeling, in addition to just seeing, so young people discover what it means to live like a local in Uganda.

Authentic, Affordable student travel to Uganda

Authenticity is ingrained in everything we do as a Uganda student tour operator. From locally-owned Ugandan accommodations to charming authentic Ugandan restaurants, we believe the best way to travel in Africa is like a local. So we ditch the tour buses and have a real traveller’s experience with us in Uganda!

Transformative Youth Travel

Student Travel to Uganda isn’t just about new places; it’s about new perspectives. We encourage young people to step outside their comfort zone and into African cultural immersion. They leave our student trip programs with a better understanding of the world and with the confidence to keep exploring!

The Creative Variety

We believe that we offer more programs in Uganda than any other Uganda student travel company. We have a wide range of creative Uganda student travel services and itineraries to choose from, you’re sure to find a program that’s the perfect fit for your school or students.

Group sizes:  

We can handle student groups from 10-40 which allows us to travel comfortably and make real connections with each other and the host Ugandan community. We have had participants come from a mix of different countries, regions, and continents

We strive for the very best Uganda student travel agency – creating Uganda educational travel experiences that are worth every penny.