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Uganda Photography and Filming Guided Tours!

Capture the beauty of Uganda with our unforgettable Photography and filming tours in Uganda!

Calling all wildlife enthusiasts and nature photography lovers! 📸🌿📷
Have you ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most exotic animal species? Well, your dreams can become a reality in the unspoiled natural setting of Uganda.

Join us on an unforgettable journey through the lush rainforest, where our experienced naturalist guide will lead you along jungle trails and diverse wildlife habitats. Get your cameras ready because these incredible animals are ready to strike a pose on our Uganda Photography and Filming Guided Tours! From majestic crocodiles to vibrant red-eyed tree frogs, from slithering snakes to the magnificent big five, from playful primates to colorful birds and butterflies, this is a photographer’s paradise. Every step you take will uncover a new and breathtaking sight that will leave you in awe.

Don’t miss the chance to capture all the unique details of this amazing rainforest, from the vibrant hues of the flora to the majestic wildlife that calls Uganda home. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you won’t want to miss.

Join us on this incredible adventure and let your camera do the talking. Book your trip now and be prepared to click away as you try to capture all that this extraordinary rainforest holds. 📸🌿🌍

Photography and filming expeditions in Uganda

Take a thrilling wildlife photo tour through Uganda! It’s a great chance to explore this captivating paradise with your camera, hone your skills, and construct a captivating portfolio of African wildlife photographs. You’ll be in beautiful lodges and camps, encompassed by lush greenery and the sounds of animals; the perfect setting for daily photography adventures. You’ll find plenty of diverse photographic opportunities, from enormous predators to tiny bugs, amazing reptiles, and gorgeous birds.

Capture a lifetime of memories on a wild Uganda photography adventure! Photograph majestic Mountain gorillas, mischievous chimpanzees, powerful Lions, noble Elephants, Buffalo, delicate butterflies, and an array of beautiful bird species. Join us today for Professional photography and filming experiences in Uganda!

What we do for Photo and video tours in Uganda

From wildlife photography in Uganda to assistance in wildlife filming in Uganda national parks – Msafiri Tours is your one-stop-shop for all your wildlife logistical requirements. We work with the best of Uganda wildlife photographers, and filming teams and help them plan their wildlife programs in terms of destinations, species, and on-ground logistics. Organizing photographic safaris in Uganda is our core strength. With a highly trained team of Ugandan guides, we have been successfully conducting special small-sized group photo safaris and tours across Uganda.

On a Uganda photography expedition, you can look forward to:

• A fully guided tour with a travel and landscape photographer.
• Explore some of the most remarkable places Uganda has to offer.
• Discover and photograph the cultural facets of Uganda – from local bazaars, palaces, villages and ceremonies, we’ll experience the authentic Ugandan life.
• Supported with assistance and suggestions to get the most out of your experience.
• Travel lightly with a minibus, with competent drivers and a personal guide with an in-depth knowledge of Ugandan culture.
• Stay in cosy Eco lodges and camps.
• Most meals throughout the tour.
• Informal image critique and editing sessions, to enhance your photography and vision.
• Most importantly, an entertaining experience and a breath-taking portfolio that fully embraces Ugandan life.

Get ready for a fun-filled photography adventure! We’ll be exploring the best spots from sunrise to late afternoon/early evening, with plenty of time to rest and recharge in the evenings. On a few days, when we’re close to our accommodation, we’ll also have time for some mid-day pool and beach breaks. So join us for an unforgettable journey!

Accommodation on Photography and filming trips in Uganda

We’ll be keeping in eco-lodges and camps across various areas. The lodgings are surrounded by fruit trees and native blooms, which draw in a great deal of brilliant butterflies, and winged animals, so there’s a lot of untamed life to appreciate directly from your room. The rooms are now and again thatched cabins on raised wooden stages, each with its washroom and gallery. It’s a pleasant base in an incredibly wonderful spot!


The wildlife photography chances on these Uganda photo trips are varied and plentiful. You can hope to snap large mammals, microscopic caterpillars, and several things in between. You might take pictures of river dwellers such as otters, and turtles, we’ll make an effort to locate the hard-to-find jaguars and pumas, and we’ll centre on the small yet equally appealing frogs, spiders, and snakes that inhabit the Ugandan jungle. You’ll have the capacity to rehearse diverse types of photography, including macro photography, and you can anticipate coming back with a noteworthy portfolio of wildlife pictures that are straightforward, fun and captivating

Photography Workshops:

Are you an aspiring wildlife photographer? Want to brush up on your technical skills, composition, and post-production? Join us for a professional photography workshop in Uganda and be accompanied and taught by a professional wildlife photographer. Photographers of all levels are welcome, and you’ll have the unique opportunity to support wildlife conservation causes in Uganda by donating your images to raise awareness and call for action. Plus, you’ll keep the copyright to your images, so it’s a fun and cost-free way to make a positive impact!

Photographic Uganda SafarisWildlife photography and filming in Uganda

Msafiri Tours creates experiential Uganda photo tours and photo safaris that will not only help boost your wildlife photographic portfolio but also help you take steps to the next level in wildlife photography by enhancing learning at every step. We also arrange customized and privately guided Uganda photo safaris, which will be created as per your travel dates, giving preferences to your destinations. You can travel in a group or as an individual, depending on your choice. Having our experienced photo guide in your field projects will give you the added advantage of creating a diverse set of images. A Uganda customized photo tour can be arranged without the photo guide as well.

Filming Crew Support

Shooting video footage in the wild in Uganda is a game of excellent planning and patience. Our Ugandan guides have the experience of working with the best filming teams and having technically sound field guides who know the limitations of shooting in the wild, our objective is to support you in documenting high-quality footage of natural history moments. Our drivers and guides understand the importance of pre-empting animal movements to position your vehicle in strategic locations. While you focus on your Uganda filming project you can leave the logistics in terms of permissions and other ground handling on Msafiri Tours.


Our Uganda photography tour is a breeze! There’s hardly any walking involved, just pick your favourite activities and let’s go!


Generally, it is usually warm, dry, and sunny (sometimes cool in the morning) in Uganda. However, it can be cloudy, with rain depending on the time of year you are visiting. A fun experience awaits!

Photographic equipment:

If you’re into wildlife photography with a DSLR, you’ll need prime telephotos ranging from 200-600mm or more. On a budget? A top-notch 100-400mm or similar zoom is a great option. If you’d rather go with a digital bridge camera, get one with an 18-20x or greater optical zoom. Do you have questions about what to bring to Uganda? Reach out to us! Our experts would love to help you out and make your experience fun.

An Unforgettable Adventure Awaits!

Are you looking to explore the beauty of Uganda? Do not worry if you are uncomfortable travelling alone, or even if you have been to Uganda before and don’t know the best places to take pictures or film! This tour is the perfect solution! You will be taken care of by us, our drivers, guides, and hotel staff. Come off the beaten track and see the peaceful and loving culture of Africa, set in a tropical paradise. Experience a life you have never known before – a life that is immensely rewarding! Discover Uganda’s scenic landscapes through photography and filming tours