Supporting communities through tourism in Uganda

We are Promoting Uganda community development and tourism

In Uganda, Msafiri Tours is Promoting Uganda community development and tourism in various ways, such as offering tourists the opportunity to visit and participate in building schools, clinics, and boreholes.

The company has established partnerships with local communities over the years to include these activities in tourist itineraries, and a portion of the funds generated from tourism go towards supporting the projects and the local communities.

Moreover, some of the lodges and campsites used in Uganda have also taken up the responsibility of supporting community projects, including health clinics, schools, and micro-credit schemes. This helps improve the livelihoods of the locals and makes them more self-sufficient. 

Our community involvement projects:

Through tourism, Msafiri Tours plays a critical role in supporting community projects in Uganda, consequently contributing to social and economic development. Some of the projects supported include Busu primary school in Busu Village, Kigulu county and Bishop Willis Demonstration school of the blind in CMS, Bulamahgi sub county, Iganga District, which was established in 1968 by a British woman named Pat Holder. The school helps visually impaired children study in mainstream classrooms with sighted students.

We also support Wanjawulo a project which supports people with disabilities in Iganga. We also support women development projects to enable sustainable development.