1-day Uganda beach trip

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Grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and beach towel and get ready for a fun day on the white sand of Top beach experiences in Uganda where crystal-clear waters await.

Come explore Uganda’s stunning beaches and charming seaside villages with Msafiri tours! Enjoy a day of fun in the sun, wandering through traditional shops, cafés, bars, and restaurants to soak in the culture and history of Uganda. Our gorgeous beaches and Lake Victoria offer an array of exciting attractions for visitors to uncover. From white sand and beautiful sunrises to unique bird species – let us help you plan an unforgettable beach getaway in Uganda!

Escape to Paradise: Experience Unforgettable Uganda’s hidden beach gems

Enjoy the most exciting and inviting Uganda beach vacation experience with our Msafiri Tours beach trips. Relax and explore the sandy beaches in Uganda, go for a fun and easy kayak ride, climb up the cliffs and try your hand at some scrumptious fish cooking. There are plenty of unique and engaging activities just waiting for you!

Uganda beach getaways include some of the ones below:

Lido Beach

A short kilometre from the Entebbe International Airport, you’ll find Lido Beach, one of the oldest and most exciting beaches in Uganda! With its white sandy shore and breathtaking sunsets, it’s the perfect spot for a fun and inviting weekend getaway. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed due to the risk of bilharzia, but if you’re looking for a thrilling local experience, Msafiri Tours will help arrange the perfect Uganda beach trip for you!

Imperial Beaches

Situated to the southwest of Kampala, Imperial Resort Beach and Imperial Botanical Beach make for an exciting and inviting spot for water sports and sunbathing. The two beaches are in close proximity and are taken care of by the Imperial Beach Resort Hotel. Imperial Botanical Beach is home to exotic trees, plants and remarkable birds. Guests from the hotel or visitors to the beaches can take pleasure in mystical sunsets, tan or join in on various water sports activities. During the weekend, the beach can get crowded and it often organizes local events.

Lutembe Beach

Get ready for a fun-filled adventure at Lutembe Beach! Located just 4km off Kampala Entebbe Road, this beautiful beach is the perfect spot for bird-watching, photography, and camping. Get into a boat and explore the enchanting rose flower garden, marvel at the stunning view of water birds and be amazed by the white-winged terns in Uganda. Best of all, access to Lutembe is completely free and the beach is pristine and inviting!

Munyonyo Beach

Munyonyo, an upscale neighbourhood in Uganda, is an exciting destination not only for the martyrs’ shrine and its five-star hotels but also for the inviting Munyonyo Beach. Located near Kampala, the beach is maintained by the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. This beach provides many engaging activities. There is the opportunity to rent a speedboat or a canoe and visit Bullago and Chimp islands nearby. Helicopter trips can be provided as well. Horseback riding, fishing, or a game of paintball are other fun and easy ways to pass time in a relaxed environment. Let us arrange this trip to the beach for you.

Serena Resort Beach

Escape to the paradise of the Serena Resort Beach! Nestled in the Kigo District, this exclusive beach is only for guests of the Lake Victoria Serena Resort. Explore the lush greenery and dock your private boat here. Enjoy a round of golf or take part in some water sports. Serena Resort Beach is a fun and exciting place that is perfect for cooling off after a hot day – just be sure to avoid swimming due to the risk of bilharzia. If you’d like to take a dip, there is a large pool at the resort.

Ssese Islands

Come explore the exotic Ssese Islands, located northwest of Lake Victoria! There’s something here for everyone – a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers, or a weekend getaway with plenty of partying and bonfires. You’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful wildlife, including monkeys, crocodiles, and hippos. We can arrange trips to the islands from Kalangala by lake taxi or private boat. Rent a bicycle and let the adventure begin!

Lost Paradise Beach

Let us show you this exciting, inviting hidden treasure south of Uganda on Lake Bunyonyi – Lost Paradise Beach. Accessible within 15 minutes by motorboat, this is the ideal place for those seeking a calm spot for meditation. Enjoy the lush tranquillity of nature and the best part – there is no risk of bilharzia, and no crocodiles or hippos, making it one of the few safe places to swim and explore Uganda’s beaches.

Ready to explore Uganda’s stunning beaches? Get in touch with us for all the local tips and information you need. Come on, let’s start an adventure!