How to Plan a School Trip

A Teacher’s Checklist on How to Plan a Student Trip to Africa, African adventure for students

Planning your students’ upcoming trip to Uganda? We’ve got you covered! Follow our step-by-step checklist on How to Plan a Student Trip to Africa for a successful and memorable school trip to Africa.

How to Plan a Student Trip to Africa: School trips to Uganda aim to cultivate a friendlier environment for students to appreciate their academic studies by experiencing firsthand historical sites, monuments, and cultural aspects. Besides reinforcing their knowledge, these trips impart invaluable life lessons such as fostering independence, self-discovery, and building harmonious relationships with others.

Education, not just entertainment

Whether it’s social studies, language arts, science, or any other subject, teachers strive to make a connection between what students learn and what they may encounter during their school trip in Uganda.

How to Plan a Student Trip to Africa:

Take a tour to Uganda with your high school or student group, off to an exciting Ugandan community; only with one primary goal: Bring small yet meaningful changes in desperate Ugandan communities. Msafiri Tours volunteering program provides you with the chance to explore the faces of human communities that need assistance from volunteer groups like yours. This is an opportunity for student groups to have fun, get engaged in direct community service and converse with the local Ugandans in their local culture and unique customs. We recognize areas in Uganda that are in dire need of service and pick projects for the group accordingly so that students can go out and make a real, inviting difference out there.

How to Organizing a safe student trip to Africa

Congratulations! You’re about to embark on an incredible journey to Africa with your students and staff. We know that planning an international student trip can be a lot of work, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! on this page, we’ll show you exactly how to plan a student trip to Uganda with Msafiri Tours. We’ll discuss the checklist to create, the tips to properly organize, the possible fundraising ideas, and more. Let’s get started!

Ready for an exciting learning experience? Discover why a student trip to Uganda for Educational Visits is a great choice!

We invite your class to explore Uganda! There’s so much to experience in this beautiful country. Refresh language skills, learn about the culture, study art, history, and more. Plus, try the delicious local cuisine, go on a safari, see the Big Five animals of Africa, and visit the majestic Mabira Forest. Msafiri tours offer students the chance to volunteer with rural communities, learn about African cultures, and go on a Kampala tour. Discover all that Uganda has to offer with its unique and breathtaking adventures.

Are you ready for a unique experience? Every Uganda school trip is made up of three phases:

1) Trip planning

2) Pre-Departure

3) Supporting groups on tour.

We’re here to help you with your journey every step of the way – from your initial planning to the end of your trip. We’ll start from scratch and craft a Uganda holiday tailored to your needs and travel objectives that’s easy, engaging, inviting, and friendly.

Here’s how to organize a student trip to Africa

Are you considering a student trip to Uganda? If so, it’s a great idea to host information sessions and Q&As with the students and their guardians to get them excited about the trip and understand what’s involved. Our representative at Msafiri Tours can help you run the session and get everyone ready. You’ll also want to create a list of paperwork and costs for each participant, and we’ll handle all the flights and lodging while you set up a signup period and establish rules and guidelines. Lastly, we’ll provide clear itineraries that will make the trip as safe as it is fun and inviting!

What size groups do you cater for?

10-50 Students per group

Do you offer access to visitors with disabilities?


Do you cater for visitors with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?


Creative Ways to Raise Money for an Exciting Trip to Uganda.

Considering a student trip to Uganda, but worried about the cost? We’ve got you covered! Fundraising is an amazing way to make your Africa travel dream a reality. Msafiri Tours has plenty of ideas and suggestions to help you get started. So don’t wait – let’s make your trip happen and create an unforgettable experience!

Plus, we can help you put them into motion! Check out this link:

Wondering how to get there and stay safe on the journey? We’ve got you covered!

Ready to explore Africa with your student? There are plenty of travel options to help make the journey as safe and comfortable as possible.

Got health concerns? Let the tour leader know about any medication or special conditions before departure. Most schools require an adult to carry all medication and for parents to sign a medical release, so make sure you understand the procedure before you go.

You can also feel good about the service providers we work with. We’ve hand-selected each one for its top-notch safety and hygiene standards. So get ready to hit the road!

What fun activities are available, and will there be any limitations on attendance for visiting attractions?

Come explore Uganda with us! Travel with Msafiri Tours and customize your itinerary to meet the needs of your group. Immerse yourself in new African cultural contexts and apply what you’ve learned to your daily life. You’ll be part of incredible hands-on learning experiences everywhere you go. We can’t wait to book and plan your special journey!

What can they expect to gain?

No matter the destination, it’s what students learn on their journey that matters the most. Exploring Kampala, helping a village in Iganga, or trekking the Lion Trail in Queen Elizabeth National Park will give students a chance to experience something new and exciting outside of the classroom in a simple, engaging, inviting, and friendly way.

Who is in charge of ensuring the student’s safety?

Right now, parents are more focused than ever on the well-being of their students. Before the pandemic, parents usually worried about general safety, but now they are caring about health and hygiene.

You may have heard the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child?” The same applies to Uganda student trips. From the beginning of the tour to the moment the students get back home, many people work hard to make sure everything is running smoothly. Here’s a brief overview of the main people involved:

Trip Leader: 

The Trip Leader is the educator (or guardian) in charge of your student’s outing. They get in touch with (Msafiri Tours) the visit administrator, team up on the schedule, and speak with guardians.

Help Team: Help groups are ordinarily instructors or parental volunteers picked by the Trip Leader. The help group are typically answerable for monitoring their gathering, conveying crisis solution, and playing out room checks before lights out each night.

Msafiri Tour Guides: how to organize a student trip to Africa

Our friendly Msafiri Tour Guides are here to make your trip to Uganda unforgettable! They’ll be with you every step of the way, from the moment you arrive at Entebbe airport to when you start the journey home. Ride with them on the tour bus, explore the cities and landmarks, and learn about the community projects, historical sites, safari and more. Let us show you Uganda!

Uganda Coordinator: 

The In-country Coordinator oversees your trip from the back end. They’ll usually be at the hotel when you check in and will coordinate with the trip leader to arrange meals, cash allotments, printed itineraries, etc.

We always have someone watching out for the students and making sure they’re safe. Even while we’re still battling COVID-19, all leadership roles will remind students to wash their hands, wear masks inside, and keep their distance if needed.

We make Uganda visits effortless here are Tips for planning a student trip to Africa

Our purpose in the Uganda student’s excursion is to take care of the tour details and paperwork, giving you the freedom to recruit students and have a gratifying journey. From your initial request, you will be given a Msafiri Tours School trip Consultant who will be your only source of contact to help you with the following: simple, engaging, inviting, and friendly.

  • Choosing experiences and locations in Uganda that match your school’s requirements and finances
  • Briefing students
  • Delivering PowerPoint or video presentations
  • Responding to parent queries
  • Informing you of any shifts or advancements
  • Disseminating and collecting any mandatory paperwork
  • Supplying you with data and ideas to aid you with recruitment
  • Handling payments and invoicing
  • Managing information night registrations
  • All Uganda travel solutions from booking global flights, travel insurance, stopovers and aiding with visa information.

Generally, you can anticipate that the following will be part of your Uganda school excursion cost:

  • One Free place for a teacher from 10 students
  • Pre-trip expedition support and briefings from a dedicated Msafiri tour guide
  • An experienced, highly trained English-speaking local guide throughout
  • Meet and greet on arrival at the airport
  • Airport transfers at the start and end of the tour
  • Private vehicles used for all group transport in Uganda
  • All meals when out of Kampala
  • All accommodation throughout on a twin share basis
  • Economy class airfares on reputable airlines
  • Equipment and materials for Community Projects
  • National park fees and local government taxes
  • Travel Insurance (optional)

Ready to embark on an adventure to Uganda-Africa? Here’s your final checklist to make sure you’re all set for the trip!

Ready to plan an unforgettable Africa trip for your students? We’re here to help make it happen! Here’s a quick checklist to get you started. Remember, Msafiri Tours specializes in creating the perfect Uganda school trip!

  • Pick Uganda as your perfect destination and highlight the educational and experiential reasons for this choice.
  • Get permission from your principal and appropriate school authorities.
  • Host information sessions for families to encourage student sign-ups.
  • Create deadlines for student registrations.
  • Design an itinerary with Msafiri tours for each participant and their guardians.
  • Look up Uganda’s COVID-19 restrictions and pass the information along to parents.
  • Inform parents of costs, passports, visas, and paperwork needs.
  • Plan a fundraiser to offset costs!
  • Check out Uganda’s local rules to inform your trip guidelines. Make sure both parents and students are aware of trip rules and consequences.
  • Hold sessions to get students informed about Uganda so they’re prepared for any culture shock — and excited about what they’ll soon get to experience!
  • Find appropriate staff to help you on the trip, and create contingency plans in case of any emergencies, both small and major.
  • Above all else, be ready to have fun on your student trip to Uganda!

Inclusions of our trips designed for individual travellers will be outlined in the detailed quote we provide.

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