Explore a new city

Explore a new Uganda city with Msafiri tours

Another top domestic travel idea is to explore a new Uganda city. Such as if you’re from Kampala then you could visit places such as Jinja, Mable, Kasese (and many others). These will, in turn, allow you to get to know more about Uganda and some of the highlights which might have been within easy reach.

Some of the things you could do in a city include checking out the tourist hot spots, practising your photography, heading to a show, and trying a nice restaurant to name a few ideas.

A local Ugandan city can also be nice to stay overnight with your partner – giving you a break from your normal day-to-day at home in Kampala.

A few days spent in another Ugandan city away may be just what you need. Whether it’s culture, cuisine or adventure you’re seeking, our Uganda city breaks are the perfect way of discovering the heart of Uganda without the need to organise the details yourself. On a city break with Msafiri tours, every little detail is planned for you, from your return road travel or flights to the hotel accommodation, transfers and daily itinerary.

Our team of expert product managers have carefully crafted each of the itineraries to present you with the best experiences on offer Our Uganda city breaks are packed full of visits and guided tours with local experts who can provide revealing insights into the history and culture of some of Uganda’s most exciting cities, really getting under the skin of your destination. Our itineraries are also perfectly balanced with free time, so you can explore at your leisure. And of course, the industry’s best tour managers are there to accompany you throughout your holiday, so you can relax and fully immerse yourself in what will be a truly memorable experience.

Kampala City

The capital city of Uganda, Kampala is known worldwide for its terrific annual summer festivals and unbeatable Hogmanay celebrations. Explore on foot to see the architecture of the city built on seven hills, visit the best attractions and dine out at a different eatery every day for the perfect Kampala city break.

Jinja City

A cool city is known as East Africa’s adventure capital, with lots of adventure activities including white water rafting, bungee jumping, quad bikes safaris, canoeing, fishing and much more. A city filled with music, you’ll find events taking place every week in Jinja’s theatres, bespoke concert venues, bars, boutiques and more. Take a tour on a bus, boat or Boda Boda (Motorbike) around the city for plenty of adventures and fun.

Masaka City

About 2 hours away from Kampala, Masaka is known as the Fair City thanks to its stunning setting with looming hills all around. Stay in an excellent hotel and explore the shops and cafés before taking advantage of the location, as it’s on the doorstep of Buganda Royal palaces, adventure sports and beautiful landscapes.


It might be our most northerly city, but Gulu is still just 4-5 hours from Kampala and Jinja. Plus, it’s the Highland capital so not only can you enjoy city culture but you can also easily visit Murchison falls national park for amazing wildlife viewing