Cost for Uganda elective placements

                       Cost for Uganda Elective Internships

Affordable Uganda elective internships, How Much Does it Cost to Intern Abroad in Uganda?

Are you ready for an affordable unforgettable medical internship experience in Uganda? Let our team of experts at Msafiri Tours take the hassle out of arranging your Affordable Uganda elective internships. Here’s a look at the Budget-conscious Uganda elective internships – Low-cost Uganda elective internships

Ready to start your Affordable Uganda medical elective internships? Learn more about the Reasonable cost for Uganda elective internships, requirements, and exciting opportunities available for international medical students!

When it comes to pursuing Low-cost Uganda elective internships, Uganda is an excellent destination to consider. Not only does Uganda offer a unique and enriching experience, but it also provides affordable opportunities for students and young professionals looking to gain valuable experience in their field.

We invite students from all corners of the globe to apply for our Pocket-friendly cost for Uganda elective internships. Here is an overview of the requirements for Uganda electives.

To be eligible for Cheap Uganda elective internship programs in Uganda with our partner hospitals, medical centres and health care providers, applicants must submit the following documents: 
  • A letter, or no objection certificate from the university where the medical student is undertaking his/her graduate program permitting him/her to pursue a clinical elective anywhere in Uganda.
  • Submit the respective field of study certificate and a letter from the respective institute if you are a student and looking for college credits or professional experience.
  • Photocopy of a valid passport
  • A short write-up describing, in 300 words or less, the reasons for pursuing a medical elective program in Uganda.
  • CV / Resume
  • Full travel & medical insurance
  • Immunizations/ Covid19 vaccination (consult your doctor)
  • Must be 18 years old and up
  • All medical international elective students from Europe, the USA, Australia and other countries need to check to see if they require a short-term Uganda study visa.
  • International students need to be able to speak English to a reasonable level.
  • You must be able to finance your town travel, accommodation and living expenses.
Cost Breakdown for International Medical Internships in Uganda
Appreciate that it takes a while to prepare for a tailored program, including a placement, mentor, accommodation, transport, and all the paperwork. Our Cost-effective Uganda elective internships make the opportunity accessible without compromising the quality. If you feel the cost is too high, please let us know, and we will be happy to talk about it. All prices are listed in British Pounds, but you can request a quote in US Dollars or Euros. An Uganda medical elective can last from two to twelve weeks. Your Cost-effective Uganda Elective Internship Opportunities  can be modified to fulfil your medical school requirements, personal preferences, and the departments you wish to observe
Uganda elective internship pricing, & what’s included in Budget-friendly Uganda elective internships
The expense of medical placements in Uganda can vary, however, the programme fee is contingent on the length of your elective. Here are our Cheap cost options for Uganda elective internships:
  • 1 Week: £200
  • 2 Weeks: £300
  • 3 Weeks: £400
  • 4 Weeks: £500
  • 5 Weeks: £600
  • 8 Weeks: £900
  • 9 Weeks: £1000
  • 10 Weeks: £1100
  • 12 Weeks: £1200
  • You can volunteer up to 24 Weeks, and each extra week costs £150
Our affordable Uganda medical elective internship rates Include:
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Detailed pre-departure briefing
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Customized placement
  • Placement fee and Coordinator
  • Around the city tour
  • Daily transport to and from the placement site
Our Budget-friendly Uganda elective internships, rates Exclude:
  • International flights
  • Travel and personal accident insurance
  • Visa, passport
  • Work permit fee
  • Travel health insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Souvenirs,
  • Extra activities such as tours and safaris,
  • Prophylaxis medications and insect repellents
Ready to take the next step for the Best Value for Money Uganda Elective Internships? Here’s how to apply for internships in Kampala Uganda

Enrolment for Uganda elective internships is on a first-come, first-served basis. Past medical experience is not necessary. If you’d like to apply, please pick a convenient time and reach out to us. We’ll give you a comprehensive trip itinerary with costs, trip curriculum, application, release waiver form and a medical history form. Please read through all the documents and return a filled-out and signed application, medical history form, release waiver form and deposit. After we confirm your spot and complete enrolling you, you’ll get started receiving trip preparation messages as we help you with your trip preparations.

These messages provide enjoyable information on the following:
  • Introduction messages from your attending/s
  • Cultural orientation
  • Visa
  • Vaccinations
  • Insurance
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off in Uganda
  • In-country travel
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Gear and equipment and more
Affordable Uganda elective internships Accommodation
Want to experience Uganda’s culture like a local? Join us on our Medical Elective in Uganda and live with a family or stay in an affordable guesthouse near your placement. You’ll be welcomed and made to feel at home while learning about the local traditions and festivals. Plus, you’ll get 3 tasty meals a day! With clean, safe, and secure accommodation, you don’t need to bring a lot of supplies to Uganda, but do bring your work gloves and white coats – these are often in short supply and can be donated to the I Medical Centre or hospital when you leave.
Duration of placement
Make the most of your elective in Uganda! You can join us for two to four weeks of study in your specialty, or even for up to six weeks if you have special circumstances. Come and explore all that Uganda has to offer!
Visa applications – Important
Looking to get an amazing overseas medical placement in Uganda? Get your visa with Msafiri Tours, and we’ll be there to provide you with a confirmation of placement! It’s easy, exciting, and the perfect way to jumpstart your medical career.
Code of conduct on Low-cost elective internships in Uganda
So, you’re heading to Uganda! That’s awesome! We want to make sure you have an amazing experience. That’s why we expect the highest standards of discipline and behaviour while you’re there. Show off your best self by dressing well and interacting with staff and patients with respect. This way, you’ll make a great impact, and have an unforgettable and enjoyable experience!
Possible Best value Uganda elective internships
  • Respiratory Medicine, Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Urology, Breast and Endocrine Surgery, Biochemistry and Metabolic Medicine, Nephrology, Vascular Surgery, ENT, Cardiology, General Surgery, Transplant Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Ophthalmology, Haematology.
Preparing for your Competitive prices for Uganda internships

Clothing for the medical elective:

  • Bag or suitcase, and hand luggage
  • Selection of clothing should be conservative and comfortable and at least four or five sets
  • Rain jacket, umbrella and a warm jumper or jacket for the evenings. It can be cold during the middle months of the year.
  • Comfortable footwear & trainers, and smarter shoes for your rounds. Flip-flops or sandals are also recommended.
  • Good protection from the sun, like a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Wash kit and towel, but remember you can buy all consumables in the local shops in Uganda
  • Camera, mobile phone, laptop, tablet – plus charger units with three-pin plugs same as in the UK.
  • Torch, money belt, water bottle, insect repellent, padlocks, local guidebook and Swahili phrasebook, pens and papers, textbooks
  • Several white coats, your stethoscope, name badge, personal hand gel and hairnet if necessary, and a box of latex gloves
  • Personal first aid kit
Get a preview of Uganda with our medical elective placements – the cost is all included!
  • Transfers on arrival/departure
  • Accommodation
  • All meals with one beverage, as listed on the itinerary
  • Ground transport to locations on the itinerary
Get ready for Value for money Uganda elective internships

You’re only a few moments away from starting your Msafiri tour medical journey in Uganda! We hope that the information we provided about the cost and requirements of Uganda electives was useful to you. Please get in touch with us using the form below and let us know what your needs are. Our team will be in touch with you shortly after you submit your inquiry.

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Make contact with us to link you up with Ugandan medical professionals and begin your medical career. Your medical elective in Uganda is certain to be an exciting experience!

Your Uganda Medical Elective-Cost-effective Uganda Elective Internships

Every month, we welcome healthcare students and professionals from around the world to Uganda. We provide a tailored experience during their healthcare elective.

To find out more about what your Uganda elective will be like, get in touch with us today! And don’t forget to check out our optional extras, testimonials page, and related links for more information.

Our elective internships in Uganda offer an affordable and rewarding experience for individuals seeking to gain practical skills in their field of interest. The lower cost of living, combined with the well-established healthcare system, makes Uganda an attractive destination for interns. By selecting our reputable programs, you can embark on a valuable and memorable elective internship journey in the beautiful country of Uganda.

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