Camping for Ugandans

Camping holidays in Uganda for Ugandans.

We Msafiri tours aim to deliver camping holiday experiences in Uganda for Ugandans, we do this with care and understanding of what makes a great camping experience. We organise Camping holidays in Uganda for Ugandans.

Are you impetuous, looking for fun with friends, but frustrated by a lack of funds?  A spontaneous camping weekend away in Uganda with mates could be the answer. Camping is a cheap holiday you can actually afford to do with your mates. Even if you’re on a lowly student budget, living on cheap beer and Pot Noodles, camping can be almost as cheap as staying at home (and a whole lot more fun)! All you need are a few similar-minded friends and a “Let’s do it” attitude and you could be having a whale of a time on a group camping break somewhere in Uganda. 

Not every holiday has to start with an expensive flight and not every weekend break has to include air-conditioned rooms in a five-star hotel. “Life is what you make it”

Uganda Camping holidays for Ugandans in Uganda are the perfect choice for friends, families, groups, couples and individuals who want to explore everything that Uganda has to offer.

We will arrange your food for the group for the meals, and some drinks, you bring some snacks to share, and your fun camping weekend with Msafiri tours will be a winner. While away camping you can try hiking and exploring, beach sports and evenings back at the campsite making your own entertainment. As darkness falls, lookup for a beautiful Ugandan sunset. After dark, you’ll see more stars above your campsite than you ever knew existed. Share jokes and stories, sing songs and play games by the campfire before snuggling down in your sleeping bag for the best night’s sleep in the open air. 

Camping in Uganda for Ugandans may be cheap, but hanging out and having fun with friends is priceless!