Bungee jumping in Uganda

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Bungee jumping in Uganda is an exciting and adrenaline-filled activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The country is home to some of the world’s most stunning scenery and beautiful jungles, making it the perfect destination for a bungee jump. Not only is the scenery breath-taking, but the thrill of jumping off a bridge into the depths of the river below is an experience that will never be forgotten. And, with safety regulations and certified guides, you can rest assured that bungee jumping in Uganda is safe and fun.

Explore the thrill of bungee jumping in Uganda

One of the most popular bungee jumping spots in Uganda is the Nile High Bungee in Jinja, which offers breathtaking views of the Nile River and lush greenery. The jump takes place from a towering platform that stands over 40 meters high, providing an awe-inspiring backdrop for your leap of faith. As you make the jump, you’ll experience a rush of adrenaline like never before, with the stunning landscape below you adding to the surreal feeling of the moment.

Sound like something you want to do? Why not book your Bungee Jumping in Uganda through Msafiri tours? We use a bungee site in Jinja with the latest technology and safety equipment, led by experienced, qualified Bungee Jump Masters. A great activity to sign yourself up for and raise funds for charity or combine with other Uganda safari activities.

How is Bungee Jumping in Uganda done?

Participants are tied in two different ways – There is the ankle tie with your face looking down and the whole body tie allowing you to float like a butterfly. Before the Jump, the instructor counts from 1 to 3 before shouting “Bungee” and off you go. The activity can be done during the day or night. Night Bungee jumping has its own thrill but may reduce the quality of views and photos taken. What makes Bungee jumping special? Diving down a tower and touching the river Nile provides one of the most spectacular views imaginable. The main thrill comes from falling freely and then rebounding softly over and over before finally touching the waters. It is one of the scariest things but also the most adventurous activity one can do in their lifetime.

Details bellow about Unforgettable bungee jumping adventures in Uganda

  • Minimum age: 13 years old
  • Maximum age: 114 years young (over 65yrs may require a letter from their Dr, to confirm they are in good health to participate)
  • What to wear: Sensible clothing and footwear
  • How long is the experience: Allow 1 hour
  • T/shirts: Available onsite
  • Photos: Available onsite
  • 3 Camera Edited video: Available onsite
  • Do I need to pre-book: Essential

What actually happens at Bungee Jumping in Uganda?

Bungee jumping in Jinja starts with the registration of participants (including making payments) and signing the waiver form. While registering, participants can choose to go for the long or short jump. The long jump goes all the way down enabling one to touch the river Nile itself while the short jump stops midway. After registration participants are called out one at a time for briefing while the others wait for their turn or cheer on from a balcony. Before jumping, the individual is dressed up in the right jumping gear. Both legs are tied with a single rope to allow the participant to fall freely letting the bungee hold him/her smoothly as they touch the Nile. First-time jumpers are advised not to look down at the 44 cliffs before jumping. Those afraid of heights may find the experience overwhelming but the knowledge that thousands of people have made a similar dive safely in the past should be enough consolation. Even so, closing the eyes or looking straight ahead is highly recommended for it will help one remain composed and not chicken out. Once you are about to take the plunge, the feeling is difficult to describe. Your heart beats and your mind tells you not to take the leap but eventually, you do and it’s over in minutes. The initial fall/descent takes a few seconds as the rope bounces back and forth before finally settling down at the bottom of the river. By this time the fear is gone and you begin to realize how amazing the whole thing is. Most people want to do it again and again (if not for the cost) after this first experience. After reaching the bottom and touching the Nile, Guides at the bottom will be waiting with a boat to untie them and take them to a safe waiting place to recover and relax.

Is Bungee Jumping in Jinja safe?

Before taking part in the activity one must sign a form removing all liability from the company if anything goes wrong. Nothing will go wrong!! Bungee jumping is a very safe sport and no accident has ever occurred since the activity was introduced more than 10 years ago. The crew has also put in place safety procedures to ensure that the activity is as fun and as safe as possible. The company follows the New Zealand/Australian standards for bungee jumping. The equipment used is comparable to the best elsewhere in the world. The jumping cords are made with high-quality latex rubber made by the best underwear makers in the world. All equipment is tested thoroughly before use and records are kept to ensure that they are within their working lifetime.

In order to ensure safety, management hires highly trained and experienced professional crews. The company also hires international consultants annually to review safety procedures and make any safety recommendations.

Useful Tips for Bungee Jumping in Uganda

  • There is not a strict clothing directive in bungee jumping, anything you are comfortable with works. It is not recommended for women to wear a dress or high heels though. 
  • If you are scared of the height you are in, it is totally normal to decide not to jump beforehand but it is crucial to make that decision before jumping, not in the last step.
  • You should carefully listen and trust the jump instructors since they go through in-depth international training to become qualified instructors. 
  • Try not to eat much before your jump; it is even better to jump with an empty stomach. 
  • Avoid carrying valuable items with you since they can fall and distract you from the experience. 
  • You must be at least 13 years old to take part in Bungee jumping.
  • The minimum weight for participating is 35 kilograms. The tower supports weights of up to 260 kilograms.
  • Because the maximum weight is 260kg, those who are afraid to jump alone can go with a friend and jump at the same time.
  • You cannot take part in the activity while pregnant.
  • One must be free of any heart diseases, high blood pressure or any serious medical condition in order to participate.
  • To have the best possible Bungee jumping experience, you need good hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, insect repellents and Sunscreen to protect against the sun.
  • All valuables including jewellery need to be left behind to avoid any loss while jumping.
  • The code used to tie the ankles can lead to bruising or swelling. Have some oil to apply on the ankle area should the need arise.
  • Do not look down before jumping if it is your first time. If you do so, you may lose your confidence and open room for fear. Many have opted out after looking down at the 44-meter cliff. It’s that intimidating.
  • It is important to ensure that you take some photos so that you don’t forget such beautiful memories.
  • Before jumping, it is important to check with the team that the equipment is functioning and fitting you well. Check that the equipment is worn out in any way and if so, have it replaced.

Highlights of Safe bungee jumping experiences in Uganda :

Uganda is one of the most exciting places in the world to go bungee jumping. With its stunning scenery and diverse wildlife, it is an unforgettable experience. You can find some of the highest and longest jumps in the world here, from the adrenaline-filled experience of leaping off Uganda’s highest bungee platform at Murchison Falls National Park to the sheer exhilaration of jumping off the longest bungee jump in the world in Jinja. With the Nile River serving as a backdrop, you can jump from nearly 400 feet above ground for an unforgettable rush of adrenaline. No matter where you go in Uganda, you will find breath-taking views, great hospitality, and a thrilling bungee jumping experience.

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