Uganda medical elective FAQs

Uganda medical elective internship FAQs

Looking for information regarding medical elective internships in Uganda? Look no further! Below are some Uganda medical elective internship FAQs and their corresponding answers.

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How to apply to Medical electives/practice/internships for medical students in Africa

How long can I be in Uganda and at what cost?

The average Uganda elective medical placement period allocated to placements in Uganda by medical schools is eight weeks in the UK or USA is 8 weeks. You can add a week of holiday afterwards so you can experience Uganda’s wildlife and adventure before returning back to tell your friends about it.
On average without Safari, each week a medical elective placement with Msafiri tours will cost you £300 in Uganda

What’s included in the cost for your internship:
  1. Airport transfers on arrival/departure
  2. Accommodation
  3. All meals with one beverage, as listed on the itinerary
  4. Ground transport  to locations on the itinerary
What’s not included in the cost above:
  1. Flights to and from Entebbe International Airport (£550-£700 or $1100- $1400)
  2. Visa/Passport (£30 or $60)
  3. Vaccinations
  4. Personal Insurance
  5. Spending money (£40-£50 per week)
Optional add-ons to your medical elective placement in Uganda:

Our Uganda medical electives internships offer fantastic opportunities to combine education with fascinating travel. These are just a few examples of  extra activities that Msafiri Tours can arrange for you:

  1. Projects working with orphanages
  2. Visits to local schools
  3. Visits to key cultural sites
  4. Attend a live Uganda cultural music extravaganza with songs and dances
  5. Visit crafts markets and shops for souvenirs
  6. 3-day safari to Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park and a gorilla trekking safari
  7. Swim in an Olympic size swimming pool in Kampala
  8. Trip to Entebbe Botanical Gardens
  9. Trip to Jinja, the source of the Nile River, and Owen Falls Dam, the source of Uganda’s hydroelectricity
  10. Visit Mabira Forest, Uganda’s biggest tropical forest
  11. Visit a tea plantation
The cost we quote for your safari in Uganda will include:
  1. Transport to the game park after or before your medical elective placement
  2. All meals – breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner
  3. All game drives in the game park, including a boat safari
  4. All park entry fees
  5. Uganda government taxes
  6. Driver and guide
What qualifications do I need for a Uganda medical elective internship?

No specific qualifications are required for our elective medical placements for most of the hospitals and medical care providers that we work with in Uganda. However, we expect our medical volunteers and students on medical placements to be flexible and open-minded. We will require a formal written letter from your medical school or workplace to confirm that you are a medical student or a professional in a specified discipline.

What is the accommodation like in Uganda?

Uganda has up-market safari lodges, tented camps and hotels all providing world-class accommodations. The country has a number of the world’s highest-rated and most-awarded hotels. Rooms have proper beds with mattresses and duvets, en suite bathrooms, flush toilets, basins and showers with running hot and cold water. Other amenities include mosquito netting, lamps, purified water, insect repellent, flashlights, wardrobes and ethnic furnishings. For those looking for the ultimate luxury in Uganda, there are numerous properties where each presidential-sized suite has its own swimming pool.
Our adventurous travellers interested in walking, gorilla trekking, canoeing, white water rafting or camping safaris and tours will have facilities that are more limited. In some cases, guests sleep on cots in dome tents and the camp toilet and shower are shared by group members. In other cases, guests may overnight under the stars.

Will we be “roughing it” if we stay at a luxury tented camp?

Absolutely not! While staying at a luxury tented camp in East Africa, you will enjoy the comfort of a proper room with the sights and sounds of camping – the best of both worlds. Most tented camp rooms consist of very large walk-in tents with entry doors. The walls are canvas with large roll-up viewing sections. Inside, you will enjoy a bed (usually 2 twin beds or a king) with pillows and duvets, bedside tables, a dressing table, mirror, a wardrobe, throw rugs or full carpeting, battery-powered (solar) lighting, en suite shower with hot and cold running water, flush toilet, and basin. Some tents include baths, air conditioning and private plunge pools.

Are children allowed on safari in Uganda?

Most of safari lodges and camps have a minimum age limit of 12 years. There is however a number of great lodges and camps that allow children under the age of 12. Please contact our Msafiri Tours office for more information about restrictions for children.

Who is “Msafiri Tours”?

We are safari and tour consultants and travel agents who specialize in Uganda and other parts of East Africa. Our focus is on safaris, tours and trips for discerning travellers. We are not a big company nor do we want to be. We offer a number of group trips and personalized safaris or tours to fit your needs – this is our real passion! If we feel that you are looking for something we do not offer, we will happily suggest another Ugandan company more suited to handle your request.
We know Uganda and East Africa very well! We not only ensure that each safari, trip or tour meets the high standards we demand for our clients, it is also our policy to regularly and personally visit every service provider we recommend, and many others besides. We go to such lengths because we love our nation Uganda
Msafiri Tours is a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO), which is recognized as a symbol of professionalism and integrity in Uganda and East Africa.

Do you provide references from people who have booked their safaris or tours with you?

Requests for references are welcome – please inquire by email or by phone from our contact page on the website.

Who runs and guides the Uganda safaris and tours?

We specialize in Uganda and offer a ground operation travel service which includes transportation, accommodation, food, actual tour and safari itineraries. Our team of professional tour guides and drivers lead the safaris. We offer a wide variety of Uganda travel packages – some are group trips, all tailor-made to suit our client’s specific needs.

Who looks after us while on safari in Uganda?

A very important element of travelling to a largely unknown destination is the peace of mind to know that you will be properly taken care of before, during and after your trip.
While in Africa, you will be met at each location and transferred from airports to hotels, lodges and camps by Msafiri Tours representatives. Your Msafiri Tours representatives are on call 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have or to handle any eventuality – from medical emergencies to retrieving a bag that may have been left behind and having it delivered to your next destination. In this way, it is possible to travel with all the security of a packaged tour, but all the flexibility and privacy of an individual traveller.

Can’t we save money by booking directly with service providers in  Uganda?

Many people think they can save money if they book direct with a service provider like a hotel or driver. This is not typically the case, especially when you factor in the extra time, effort and risk involved…For example, if you book direct with individual lodges and camps in Uganda, they may offer you a discount but then you are stuck trying to figure out who is meeting you at the airport and who is driving you into the bush and so on…You also lose the security of having one company overseeing all of your arrangements on your tour in Uganda and the ability to make changes if they are necessary due to flight delays or other unforeseen problems.

What should we look for when choosing a travel agent to handle our Africa tour plans?

Here are a few most important things that we pride ourselves in when dealing with your safari or tour in East Africa. Whether you book with Msafiri Tours or another travel agency, make sure you work with a company that answers the following criteria:

1) Has hands-on knowledge.

Whoever you book with should have extensive personal travel experience in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.  We know Uganda and East Africa very intimately. Each of our professional safari consultants is local or has lived in the country for a very long time.

2) Is prompt and reliable.

Are calls answered? Are emails and phone messages replied to in a timely manner? Does the company offer a local African phone number you can call? We are best known for our attentive service, attention to detail, and honesty.

3) Can handle all of your Africa travel arrangements including accommodations, transport, food etc.

We can and it pays to have one company watching over your entire trip from start to finish.

4) Is Uganda based/licensed/registered?

Genuine travel companies in Uganda need to be members of the Association of Uganda tour operators (AUTO).

5) Is friendly!

Planning a trip to East Africa is an exciting process, made even more so when you are working with a travel agent who is both friendly and passionate about what they do! Call or email Msafiri Tours now and start planning your dream safari, school tour, gorilla trekking safari, or any other tour today!

Are there opportunities to meet with local people or visit real African villages?

There are many opportunities for cultural interaction. We arrange tours to local schools, markets, and villages. Village visits may last a few hours or may even include an overnight stay, accompanied by your guide. In some cases, guests may participate in daily chores such as planting crops, brewing beer, or carrying water. From carrying firewood to sitting for hours around a smoky fire listening to stories… many people feel that their lives are forever changed by this experience. Please note that many safari camps and lodges in Uganda are located in areas rich in wildlife, far from human settlement and offer no cultural interaction with locals.

Is there electricity?

Electricity in Uganda and East Africa is 220/240 volts. Some safari lodges and camps are not connected to a mains electrical supply. Solar lighting (backed up by batteries) is common, with many lodges having a generator which runs part of the day (morning and late evening while guests are partaking in activities). Lanterns also provide light at night. In most areas, you will not be able to use a hairdryer or electric shaver.

Will I be able to recharge my camera and video camera batteries?

Yes – at nearly all hotels, lodges, and permanent tented camps, you will be able to recharge your camera and video batteries either in rooms or in the main area. Many camps and lodges have the correct adapter plugs, but we still recommend that you bring your own plugs – plugs C and H for Uganda. Please make sure your electronic equipment switches automatically from 110 to 220 electricity (most do – it will say on the plug or in the manual). If they do not switch automatically, a converter will be needed.

Is there internet access while on safari in Uganda?

Internet access is available at most large city hotels, typically for a small fee. The majority of safari lodges and camps do not have internet access (but some do).

Do cell / mobile phones work on safari in Uganda?

Tri-band and quad-band cell phones work in most major cities and towns. However, you must check to ensure your service provider has an agreement with the local provider. Keep in mind most lodges and camps require guests to keep satellite phones turned off and use them only for outgoing calls so as not to disturb others.

I hope these Uganda medical elective internship FAQs are helpful.

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Uganda medical elective internship FAQs