Where to stay in Uganda

Uganda hotels and accommodation options

Enjoy a memorable stay in Uganda – choose from a variety of Uganda hotels and accommodation options; hotels, cottages, lodges, hostels, camping options to suit your travel needs!

Looking for Uganda hotels and accommodation options? We invite you to discover and be inspired by Uganda’s wonders, remoteness, countryside lifestyle, and perhaps just simply dabble in luxury across Uganda. Whatever you’re looking for in your getaway, vacation, or tour, you can book your perfect break accommodation today with Msafiri tours.

Let’s Make Your Trip to Uganda Extra Special – Find the Perfect Hotel for You from our Uganda hotels and accommodation options!

Want to make the most of your Uganda trip? We can help you find the perfect hotel for your stay. Check out the different types of hotels Uganda has to offer and see which one is the best fit for you!

Experience 5-Star and Luxury Hotels in Uganda

We have a number of 5-star hotels in Uganda, which are judged on their captivating cleanliness, hospitality, service, bedrooms, bathrooms, and food.

Ideal for: enthralling service in some of the country’s most remarkable buildings.

Affordable Luxury in Uganda: Discover Hotels Perfect for Every Budget!

Get the best deal on your stay in Uganda – choose from a great range of budget-friendly hotels! From International groups to independent properties, you’re sure to find the perfect accommodation for your needs. Enjoy comfort and convenience without breaking the bank!

Let Our Experts Help You Find the Perfect Ugandan Hotel for Your Needs!

We Grade Uganda hotels from 1 to 5-star, this system provides us a fast way to contrast various facilities and discover the perfect hotel for your Uganda holiday.
Hotels are graded on cleanliness, friendliness, service and efficiency, cuisine, bedrooms and bathrooms, by our devoted squad of professional staff who perform an assessment every 1-2 years.

Get Comfortable with Accessible Accommodation!

Uganda still has a few exciting accessible accommodation options, such as dazzling city centre hotels, eco-friendly retreats and opulent country houses.

You can stay in a noisy city centre, with lots of access-friendly attractions only steps away, or in the countryside, where you can experience accessible walks or trips to the beach. Look out for features such as onsite restaurants, free WiFi, hearing loop, level access and accessible parking or drop-off points.

Many establishments can cater for those with a sensory impairment but please check with the business before booking. Click to see our captivating tours and safaris.

Captivating B&Bs and guesthouses;

Experience the thrill of a B&B in Uganda – there’s something captivating about staying in a private home or guesthouse in Uganda, cared for by a hospitable host. Whether you stay for a single night, or make the bed and breakfast your home for a few days, wake up in a cozy bed and savor a delightful Ugandan breakfast before heading out to explore.

Guesthouses and bed & breakfasts in Uganda offer:

  • Staying in a private house in Uganda is a wonderful way to get to know the culture up close. With lots of personalized touches, great service, and a warm welcome, you’ll feel right at home. Don’t miss out on all the useful local tips your host has to offer – ask them for advice on attractions, activities, and hikes in the area!
  • For breakfast, indulge in a traditional Ugandan meal or a full continental spread of cold cuts, cheese, fresh fruit, bakery items, and other dietary requirements. Some guesthouses even provide evening meals. Cooking your own food is usually not an option in Ugandan B&Bs and guesthouses.

While both Uganda’s B&Bs and guesthouses provide a bed for the night and morning meal the following day, B&Bs will typically have no more than six visitors one after another, giving a more personal experience during your stay. Uganda’s guesthouses are commonly bigger, with a base of four rooms for visitors.

All Ugandan B&Bs and guesthouses we use provide a choice of room types, incorporating family suites. Nevertheless, budget guesthouses and cheap bed and breakfasts are more likely to have shared or private washrooms, rather than an en suite.

Get Away from the Hustle and Bustle of City Life and Explore Uganda’s Finest Holiday Lodges, Chalets and Log Cabins!

Are you searching for an engaging log cabin in Uganda?

Whether you desire a cozy romantic log cabin in the woods or an opulent Ugandan lodge that is large enough for everyone, we can help you find a vast selection of Uganda lodges and log cabins in Uganda.

Uganda is the home to hundreds of forests, woodlands and gorgeous landscape spots that are the ideal place for a Uganda lodge or chalet retreat. If you’re after a log cabin near Kampala or Jinja, yearning for a serene escape in the Mountains or a rejuvenating stay by the lake or river, Uganda has it all for you to choose from.

Experience the Finest Luxury Lodges in Uganda!

Uganda’s best luxury lodges offer up so much more than just a home away from home – with all the style and facilities of a boutique hotel, you’re sure to be impressed! Luxury lodges in Uganda offer up:

  • Trendy interiors and large comfortable beds with luxurious linens
  • Outdoor hot tubs and indoor spa suites with saunas
  • Smart TVs, high-speed WiFi and music systems
  • Great amenities such as BBQ areas, game rooms or your pool

Make Memories in Our Family & Group Lodges!

Marking a family occasion, a wedding, a corporate social gathering, or a weekend in Africa with companions? Uganda has numerous lodges extraordinary for bigger gatherings. Regardless of whether you are searching for space for 10 or 20, huge lodges in Uganda offer an engaging encounter:

  • Spacious en suite bedrooms for a peaceful escape.
  • A grand dining room that’s perfect for family feasts or celebrations.
  • Vast gardens to explore and run around in.

Have a look at the group accommodation available in Uganda.

Experience Eco-Friendly Lodges and Off-Grid Cabins in Uganda

Going green in Uganda is anything but rustic these days! Off-grid doesn’t mean basic facilities – think sustainable wood-burning stoves, welcome baskets with locally sourced products, and beautiful log cabins built with Ugandan Mahogany, Muvule, and Pine. Let us help you find the perfect certified eco-lodge in Uganda and discover the rewards of an eco-friendly getaway.

Enjoying Camping in Uganda

For those who love camping holidays, nothing is more engaging than arriving at your Uganda campsite, pitching up and winding down while surrounded by nature.

Whether you are a traditional camper or like to clamp in luxury, Uganda is one of the best places to go on a camping holiday in East Africa, with an amazing selection of locations to camp to fit all budgets, tastes and itineraries.

Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure? Join us on a Msafiri tours camping trip in Uganda and make unforgettable memories!

  • Organize and book your tour with Msafiri in advance. It’s always useful to have a back-up plan.
  • We are always considerate. In case you reach a place and find that it’s fully booked, let us contact nearby campsites to check if they have any space available. Do not stay overnight in any unmarked area.
  • Don’t forget to take all your litter with you in the Msafiri tour van.
  • Maintain a safe distance from any land management operations.
  • We are very attentive not to disturb or ruin any plants, birds, animals or geological features.
  • We make sure not to damage or interfere with cultural heritage sites.
  • It is important to remember that some access rights in Uganda do not include motor vehicles. If public or private landowners put restrictions or regulations on parking on their land, we will obey their regulations.

Are you ready for an exciting camping holiday in Uganda – camper or glamper?

Before you pick your outdoor excursion in Uganda, initially discover what kind of camper you are:

You are a camper – if you relish awakening in a tent, don’t fuss over a smidgen of condensation, and could never concede to owning an airbed around the campfire.

You are a glamper – if you love to book the most interesting convenience Uganda brings to the table and like to close the entryway around evening time to keep out the midges and bugs.

No matter which you favor, here’s the manner by which to design your ideal outdoorsy excursion in Uganda.

Looking for an amazing camping experience in Uganda?

Whether you want to be close to activities or get off the grid, we can help you find the perfect campsite for you.

Trek into the wild and discover the most remote parts of Uganda with wild camping – just remember to stay safe and respect the countryside and you’ll have a wonderful time.

And if you’re wishing for a cozy night around the campfire, some campsites in Uganda allow you to make a fire, giving you the chance to relax under the stars or even cook up a delicious dinner.

Stay Green in Uganda: Discover Eco-Friendly Hotels and Accommodation!

Unlock Uganda’s amazing natural beauty and experience sustainable travel with green accommodations! From green lodges to rustic eco cabins, Uganda has plenty of eco-friendly accommodation options available for your next trip. Make sure to stay in one of these hotels and help protect the country’s landscapes, wildlife and ancient buildings for future generations.

What does engaging tourism mean?

Engaging, Sustainable Tourism, or Responsible Tourism encourages visitors to Uganda to consider the effects their visit has on the environment. There are lots of ways we can help protect Africa from the impacts of over-tourism, such as thinking about where and when we visit, selecting sustainable and active ways to travel, and staying in eco-friendly accommodations.

Enjoy Eco-Friendly Accommodations in Uganda

It’s effortless to be eco-friendly in Uganda. Being green doesn’t have to mean going off the grid and showering with rainwater – unless that’s what you want to do! There are plenty of environmentally-friendly accommodation options in Uganda, ranging from cozy eco-cottages, interesting hostels, modern glamping pods, self-catering eco-lodges and luxurious green hotels – the possibilities are endless.

Venues in Uganda That Are Exclusive to You

Want to create an engaging house party? Organize a memorable corporate retreat? Or celebrate a special occasion with family or friends? Let us assist you in finding one of Uganda’s amazing private venues for ultimate privacy and unparalleled convenience.

What Does it Mean to Have Exclusive Use?

Enjoy the ultimate privacy and luxury of an exclusive-use property in Uganda! These properties provide accommodation only for you and your party, with a minimum stay of one day. You’ll also be treated like royalty with a minimum of three bedrooms, a residential licence or equivalent, and a full range of services and meals. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Just think about it – you could:

  • Experience your wedding in Uganda surrounded by centuries of enthralling history
  • Relax in a luxurious lodge in one of the National parks
  • Relish a stunning lodge, complete with acres of the estate for country activities.

Interesting Backpackers and Hostels in Uganda

From adventurous backpacking to comfortable traditional black houses; from affordable Ugandan youth hostels to stylish huts in the forest, explore Uganda on a budget by staying in a hostel. Hostel holidays are incredibly engaging!

What can guests anticipate when staying in a hostel in Uganda?

In Uganda, hostels provide a cost-effective and sociable way to explore the country. No longer just for youngsters, but for those young at heart too, hostels welcome everyone including families, groups, clubs, backpackers, and solo travellers to Uganda.

Uganda is a popular destination for backpackers and there are many conveniently located hostels, where the budget conscious can stay and mingle with like-minded travellers.

Room types are standard, with shared dorms, twins, doubles with shared bathrooms, and some even have family rooms with private ensuites.

Uganda Hostels often have shared kitchen and laundry facilities, along with free Wi-Fi (for posting your experiences on social media of course).

Handy hint: Some hostels offer free breakfast as part of the nightly rate, keep an eye out for this when booking!

We can assist you in booking an engaging hostel holiday in Uganda and you can anticipate:

  • When you’re looking for a place to stay, hostels offer a variety of options for travelers. From economical dormitories to chic private rooms with en-suite facilities, there’s something for everyone. You’ll also find self-catering cooking facilities, a common room to meet other guests, drying facilities for wet gear, and luggage storage. And don’t forget — some hostels even offer free WiFi!

Are you planning a hostel trip? When picking out a bed, most hostels offer gender-segregated options or mixed dorms. Plus, you’ll get a pillow and sheet for free! But, you’ll need to bring a sleeping bag or duvet, or you can rent one from the hostel for a small fee.

Enjoy a Relaxing Self-Catering Holiday in Uganda – Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Accommodation!

Ready to explore the wonders of Uganda? We can help you find the perfect self-catering option that will make your holiday experience even more memorable. From vibrant cities to historic towns, stunning islands to rural-remote villages, there’s something for everyone in Uganda!

Choose the freedom of self-catering accommodation and embark on a Uganda holiday at your own pace. Let us help you make it an amazing getaway!

Looking for somewhere to stay in Uganda?

Let us know which Uganda hotels and accommodation options catches your eye!

Uganda offers a plethora of hotels and accommodation options to cater to every traveller’s requirements. Whether you’re seeking luxury, a wildlife experience, eco-friendly lodges, boutique charm, or budget-friendly guesthouses, Uganda has it all. Choose the accommodation that resonates with you and embark on an unforgettable journey in the heart of East Africa.

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