Charity challenges

Charity challenges in Uganda

We have  organise Charity challenges in Uganda and adventures in Uganda, and Rwanda for groups. Our African charity challenge events could be a great way for you to raise money for your charity in Africa, UK or any other part of the world.   Our Africa charity challenge events are truly life-changing
Our Love for African adventure travel combined with extensive fundraising events in Africa experience is what makes us different from other Ugandan or east African tour operators

Organized Charity challenges in Uganda include:

Our Africa trek for charity in Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda, will challenge you with a lot of ups and downs, but the rewards are the pleasure of seeing the most spectacular views in Africa – from stunning cliffs, to gorgeous waterfalls running from top of the mountain river and more.

We work with a reputable Rafting Company in Uganda who make informed, controlled decisions based on the safety of The Nile challenge participants and crew. The Company uses high volume safety kayaks to improve the overall buoyancy of a participant, but they also keep peoples legs elevated in the correct white-water floating position. Above all, our best safety feature is the world class team of guides we use

We have walks and Treks in Uganda which will test you to your limits – it’s a life changing experience that will uncover strengths that you never knew you had. Your challenge can be Trekking for 54 miles, in 24 hours, 29 miles in 12 hours or new for 13 miles in 6 hours – choose a distance and we will work with you to arrange that. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to complete your chosen route within the allotted time frame.


We will give you one of the ultimate bike rides in Africa- Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda for charity.  Pedal your way 500km in Uganda! Cycle for charity from the source of the River Nile waters to the lush, green of the rainforest – Uganda provides a stunning backdrop for this awesome Africa charity
Uganda is truly gifted by nature with a virtual treasure trove of white sand beaches, tropical rainforest and a myriad of rare flora and fauna, endangered wildlife like the mountain Gorilla, one of Africa’s biggest collections of bird species, excellent climate and more
Cycle for charity along the Nile. This breath-taking charity bike ride encompasses rural Uganda farmlands, bustling Uganda cities and towns, stunning mountain ranges, and tropical lowlands.

White water rafting:

Africa charity challenge activities just don’t get much more extreme than rafting on the River Nile! Water sport enthusiasts consider The River Nile to be one of the BIGGEST white-water rivers in the world! You will be on a river journey with some of the most exhilarating white-water and spectacular scenery in Africa that you’ll experience in your life. Exceptionally challenging, The Nile Challenge is a rafting expedition that will take you through some of the world’s biggest rapids – this charity challenge is not for the faint hearted.

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